There are times in life that one feels that The Sky is Falling…..That they are simply holding on by a string…..That each day is like putting one foot in front of the other……When Crisis Happens……Getting Through it is a whole other way of living….Don’t let crisis sink your boat…..Stay Afloat….

When Crisis happens a person normally feels they have been hit very hard in their stomach….They feel totally shaken…Everything they have come to know or depend on could be falling apart..Crisis is one of those things no one likes. It is a time of uncertainty….A time that one simply is not sure what is going to happen. This is the time one has to grab ahold of their life vests of life and hold on tight….That is simply how crises works….

There are times that one cannot pick up the pieces while the pieces are still falling….that feeling of helplessness and lack of knowing what to do can be a most difficult period to go through……

When Crisis happens it feels as if life has come to a stop….That everything good has come to a halt…..That fun and happiness have been put in the backseat and told to keep quiet…It can seem like everyone else’s lives are going about just fine while ours is spinning out of control…...Yes, when Crisis happens….it can seem like the world has stopped spinning…..

Everyone seems to get a crisis in life at one point or the other….Most people get more than one…..A Crisis can look different for each person as each person has different things in their lives and so in turn their crisis is likely to look different from someone else’s….A crisis can come in any form….It can be a diagnosis, a divorce, a financial crisis, a child problem, a legal problem, or any other kind of problem….Crises simply come in all shapes and sizes and come to all people eventually at one point or the other in life…

Unfortunately most crises cannot be rushed….They have their own time frame….They last as long as they decide to last….Yes, some people make crisis happen longer than they need to by making poor decisions during this time and yet, any which way crisis does have it’s own time line……Some crisis can go on long term…..most come to some form of conclusion at some point….The ones that last on indefinitely are the most difficult to deal with as it gradually takes it toll on a person if one is not careful…..At the same time many of these people who face ongoing crisis in their life learn to adapt…..

So how does one deal effectively with a crisis? How does one be happy during a crisis? How does one get their old life back?......First, everyone deals differently with crisis…some do better than others….but even those who deal well with it still find it a time that is most challenging and difficult….Second, in my opinion only someone who is out there in “LaLaLand” will be happy during a crisis (Joy is different….Joy is consistent even when happiness is not because Joy is God living in us….happiness is based on circumstances)

Crisis brings about uncertainties that were not there to begin with…..It truly stops the good stuff….the fun stuff….because during crisis it is difficult to think about anything else other than the crisis itself….And yet, it is important to find “rest stops” all along the way during a crisis….A place one can refuel to keep on going…..I always call it “Grandma’s House” anywhere we can find true comfort that helps sustain us during times of trouble….

I would like to think that after a crisis all the stuff that wasn’t supposed to be in our lives anymore got shaken out and we now have a new beginning to build an even better life…..I love to think this true….I am not always sure if this is true, but often it seems to be….That sometimes we had things in our lives that nothing else short of a crisis could have shaken it all out of our pockets in life…….Either way, after a crisis is over it is time to pick up the pieces to our “shattered” life…..and begin to rebuild in a new way….hopefully stronger and better than we were before….Hopefully wiser as well….and Hopefully opportunity to create a new found happiness unlike anything we have experienced….Sometimes we simply have to stay afloat in our boat till we can get through the storm. Sometimes it is simply emptying one bucket of water at a time out of the boat to keep it afloat…..Sometimes we had to wait till the Sky finished falling before we can begin to plant again……and yes sometimes we held on by that string, but it was that string that saved us….

As said most crisis does end….Most come to some form of conclusion……Getting through a crisis simply takes one step at a time……Making the very best decisions one can all along the way…..Crisis is one of those times in life one would prefer to avoid…..but as the saying goes “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….”and I would like to think this to be true….Any which way….I prefer the happy days when all things are going good….

When times are good Grab them, hug them, and dance all night with the good times....Good times do come.....



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