Don't Forget to Add the You To This Valentine's Day

4 years ago
This article was written by a member of the SheKnows Community. It has not been edited, vetted or reviewed by our editorial staff, and any opinions expressed herein are the writer’s own. candy sugar hearts with endearing messages, chocolates in red heart-shaped boxes, flowers, sexy lingerie - it's Valentine's Day! Want to fall in love this Valentine's Day? Before heading to the corner bar or the latest online dating site, think about when you last sent yourself some love. The University of Michigan Institute for Social Research found that college students who base their own self-worth on what others think, and not their own value as human beings, often pay a mental and physical price for it. So, ladies, this Valentine's Day - let's channel Mae West, "I don't like myself. I'm crazy about myself!"

Here are 4 lovey-dovey tips to help you become your own perfect Valentine:

Start with yourself! Then send the love forward.

Make a mental note to love yourself - find some self-compassion. Value your wisdom, your life experience, your potential. Make a list of all the loving qualities and characteristics that make you an amazing person and take them to heart. (Go YOU!) Look at yourself as you do your best friend - with kindness, admiration and love. In referencing a study by psychologists Ed Diener of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Shigehiro Oishi of the University of Virginia, Psychology Today notes, "True happiness lasts longer than a burst of dopamine, however, so it's important to think of it as something more than just emotion. Your sense of happiness also includes cognitive reflections, such as when you give a mental thumbs-up or thumbs-down to your best friend's sense of humor, the shape of your nose, or the quality of your marriage." Every life lesson you've experienced has added to your wisdom

Become your own BFF (Best Friend Forever).

Arrange your day around things that bring that shazam! factor in to your life! Make a lunch date with a mentor, your lover, or your mother. Arrange a saucy play date, go on a shopping spree, or indulge yourself with a scrumptious treat. You deserve it! Book it today before you talk yourself out of it! It's okay to treat yourself to something you love to do.

Time For a Tune Up?

The best way to love yourself is to take good care of your health! It may be time for a tune up! If you are in perimenopause or menopause, make sure you have a healthy vagina. Declining estrogen levels can result in thinning of the lining of the vagina (If only it had the same effect on the hips), and can cause dryness. Ladies, the health of your vagina is important whether or not you are having mad passionate sex with a partner, your vibrator or no sex at all. When it comes to the vagina, thin and dry is emphatically out. With the help of a menopause specialist you can find relief in no time.

Boomers are not anti-aging!

Aging is a gift. Because of medical advances and more progressive thinking, post-menopausal women are enjoying fuller, sexier, more soulful lives than ever before. We boomers wouldn't have it any other way. We want to celebrate life at every age. Believe it - 60 is the new 40!

My hope is that you create a wild and crazy Valentine's Day this year with your new BFF - YOU! Indulge yourself with passion and love! Bring on the hearts and flowers! I (heart) you!

Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!

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