Don't fear the SPANX honey, You're a HERO!

6 years ago

Today I got to go with my daughter to a sacrament meeting given by the special needs youth. She was called to be a buddy and has worked with the special needs mutual since August. I have been to three of these Sacrament meetings now, and each time I walk out to the car after crying off most of my make-up. I look pathetic, but I am smiling.
I’m not sure I can explain how it feels to be in a room full of some of Heavenly Father’s choicest sons & daughters. It is truly overwhelming. As I watched from the congregation today I thought about how different the world would be if our outer beauty was purely a reflection of our inner beauty and the strength of our spirit.

Why do we allow ourselves to forget who we are and what we are meant to be?! What happens to make us think that being a daughter of God isn’t as important as what the world sees? At my house, we call it the Clark Kent syndrome.

I have always thought the movies & TV shows about Superman were dumb. Dumb because it drives me crazy! I want to scream at the TV “Come on Clark, who do you think you’re fooling?!” How on earth can the lovely people of Metropolis not recognize that if Clark Kent didn’t have those stupid glasses he would look exactly like Superman!? It’s pretty lame, but that’s another blog post.
My theory is that the only person he is ultimately fooling is himself. He wants so badly to just be an average guy, that he is forgetting he’s a Hero with a fancy pair of spanx and a Cape!

In some ways, I feel like I do the same thing. It’s easier to tell ourselves we aren't special. We pretend to be like everyone else until we start to believe it. We listen to the world and soon we doubt who we are, and settle in to getting comfortable wearing the clark kent glasses when, in fact, we each have been given our own Hero kit.
When I was only 20 years old, I had almost erased from my thinking, the fact that I was a daughter of God and therefore, deserved much more than I had settled for. But then I found my Hero kit. I had put it away for safe keeping and then forgot where I put it.

I remember the exact moment it happened. I had a bright red handprint on my left cheek and a ripped shirt. I had walked with my 4 month old baby boy in my arms, down a dark hallway in our tiny apartment. Usually, when I ended up with a red cheek or a bruise I would try and figure out what I had done wrong. By the time the physical marks had faded, I had come up with some new idea of how to fix things that were wrong with my situation. But on this day, things were different.
I had tears running down my cheeks but I wouldn’t call it crying. It was almost as if that hit to my face had awakened some forgotten part of my spirit and suddenly I remembered my hero kit. I felt like someone had flipped a switch inside my soul and I instantly realized I was not going to go another day, another hour or another minute settling for less than I deserved. These tears were not tears of sadness. They were tears of a very young woman feeling a strength and determination she had forgotten she had. I remembered who and what I was and I felt that undeniable warmth and love of my Heavenly Father telling me I was not alone.
Each woman has her own separate, unique strengths tucked into her kit. Being a daughter of God means that if you seek it, you can find your true identity. You will know who you are. This will make you free; not free from restraints, but free from doubts, anxieties, or peer pressure. You will not need to worry about things like: “Do I look all right?” “Do I sound OK?” “What do people think of me?” "Do I deserve better?" or "Am I settling for less of a life than I should?" "What if I fail?"

In my opinion, we are all "special needs" children of God. The only difference between me and the ones I watched today at church is that they know who they really are and make no appologies for knowing.
A conviction that you are a daughter of God, gives you a feeling of comfort in your self-worth. Make sure you have your Hero outfit tucked away in your purse where it is easily accessible. Add to your kit as nesecarry. I borrow items from other Hero's all the time and they usually have no idea! Some of them dont even know they are heros!
If you have forgotten where it is, start looking. I have even borrowed a cape a few times to remind me what I was looking for until I found my own. Take off those darn Clark Kent glasses and get in touch with your inner hero! Embrace the spanx instead of fearing them!! Don’t settle for less than you were meant to be!

And on a side note, a good pair of spanx can make a girl look and feel just a little cuter so it’s a win-win!!

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