The Don't Do A Damn Thing Award! (Because I Just Like Your Blog)

5 years ago

I try never to break a promise. Try is the key word. I told you that I would someday tell you what I really think about blog awards. Here goes.

Who created these things? They remind me of chain letters. I used to do chain letters when I was young. Sometimes, there were stickers involved or some fun thing like stamps or dollar bills that you stuffed in an envelope and sent off to fifteen people in the up line. I once got a grand total of a $3 return for a $15 investment, plus postage.

No, I know there's no monetary cost involved with blog awards. For writers, time is money. Cha-ching!

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Let me be the first to say that receiving blog awards is a wonderful form of mutual respect and admiration among peers, but why does there have to be so much work involved with them? In my humble opinion, there should be no work involved with a form of recognition.

Speech? Sure, if you feel fly like that, go on, give a hearty speech! But, come on!

There are so many different awards and each one requires you to nominate 5, 10, or even 15 other blogs in return, let each of them know you nominated them, thank the person who gave you yours, link back to them, let the world know about your picks, put the badge on your site, and then answer 7, 10, or 15 questions about yourself or tell interesting things about yourself. It's extremely time consuming!

No offense to those giving me blog awards, but I already do this when I'm feelin' it. I talk about bloggers I like and give them a shout-out publicly in my forum, and I talk about myself incessantly. Helloooo, it's my blog about me and my everyday underwear of life. You get me, warts and all, whether I'm receiving recognition or not.

One peer described blog awards as weeds and warned me, "Don't do them! Just don't even acknowledge them. It sounds cruel, but you don't have the time." I must admit, it's good, solid advice. However, since I'm new and too dang nice, I could never just totally ignore them at this point. I'm not that famous yet. Yet.

So my policy is to acknowledge blog awards in my Wednesday Woo-Hoo each week and I will give each new blog award credit one time if I haven't received it before, thanking the original blogger who gave it to me, and nominating one (or a few if I have a few in mind) special blogger(s) in return. Hey, I do want you to feel special if you receive an award from me, so I don't want to give out twenty a week! My peer is right - I really don't have the time for all the brouhaha and neither do you.

So, in response to the blog-award-a-thon-a-rama circulation and my perceived notion that we all need a break... in true Everyday Underwear style, I created my own award for you to pass along to your blogging friends. Former graphic artists can do crap like that.

I lovingly dub my creation:

"The Don't Do a Damn Thing Award... I Just Like Your Blog."

Here are the rules:

  • Accept it
  • Do nothing
  • Take a nap
You're welcome.

Cindy Brown, humor writer

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