Doh?!!! moment of the last 12 months?

5 years ago

Question Number 4 in the series, I asked entrepreneurs "What was your head-smacking discovery or DOH?!! moment" in 2012. Here is what they offered:

I had no clue that aging was such a dirty word. When I first started working on The Women's Age I sincerely and naively thought that there were a plethora of women out in the world who would want to join me in celebrating aging. Nope, not the case, but that will change soon. – Ebony Rentas, CEO and Founder, The Women's Age @TheWomensAge

Not sure I had one - or if I did and it was so obvious it's left me  - Beth Temple, Digital Pioneer @bethtemple4u

Tablets have taken over in the kids space, and watching on-demand is now more influential that broadcast for UK kids. - Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Alpha Monkey & CEO @maximonos

Wearing the same outfit every day – Carrie Hammer, Founder @carrierhammer

It can be too easy to make small iterations on a product/service that isn't built to scale. Do your experiments. Get your data. Sometimes you need rebuild things. Don't put it off. You should be working on the hardest problems. - Ellen Dudley, Founder @meetforeal

"it is the User Experience, Stupid" – Ricardo Cuervo, Founder, Best Fashion Friend @BFFapp

You can push new features/design of your own website live...only to figure out a day later that perhaps you got over-excited on the features and some of it could have waited (mildly put).  Looking at your website and hating it's color scheme, then feeling silly for hating it because there are more important things to get done, but then....."what WAS I thinking?!" Some of your "target" market will think you're not cool and it hurts and you go "Doh?!!"....and that's OK.  – Diana Sonis, Founder, BuzzTarget @DianaSonis

The biggest idea I have is around onlyness. It's become so clear that I need to write more on this. – Nilofer Merchant, The Jane Bond of Innovation, @nilofer

Shift in the VC market investment cycle. - Guillaume Gauthereau, Founder, @ggauthereau

Have a plan, work the plan. – Caroline Van Sickle, Founder, Pretty in My Pocket @prettyinmypoc

Previously, I was building a B2C company that improved the shopping experience with the long-term vision that the core value proposition would be to extract merchandising insights from consumer preference data - a B2B solution. This summer, I took a step back and figured out a smarter way to execute against my long-term vision today.  If I focused on solving the core value proposition first, I might have come to my current solution and recruited the right team faster.  In conclusion, I was constrained by what I thought was possible and didn't seek solutions that were not so obvious. – Karen Moon Co-Founder & CEO, StyleMusée @stylemusee

The importance of content! - Sureena Taparia, Founder & CEO, Fifth Bond @fifthbond

It's not about the idea, it's the people you'll be working with, the people you have to trust to throw down everything you've got and that they've got, to build something. Anything less will fail. ] – Alexis Finch, @agentfin

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