Dog's Perspective: Morning Routine

4 years ago

Today, we are going to talk a little bit about life as my dog's see it.. I am pretty sure they think their lives are much harder than the reality they live.

Sazume and Sanosuke

Let me begin by introducing you to the stars of this story, Sazume and Sanosuke. These two dogs definitely run the show around this place. Oh they would probably say that is not true. They would be wrong.

My dog Sazume

Sazume is 10 years old and we adopted her from the Treasure Coast Humane Society when she was about 10 months old in December 2004.  My Zume (her nickname) seemed so sedate in her pen.  But we saw her personality when we took her to the meeting area.  Plus she did her best to tug at heart string by having her nose on my red purse and looking at me all the way to and from the meeting area.  Needless to say she successfully met her goal and she became part of the family.  She is still really good at looking cute and getting her way.

My dog Sanosuke

Sanosuke's life began as the result of an illicit affair between a Standard Poodle and a German Shepard.  One of the guys I used to work with had his poodle get off the back porch and she returned home pregnant.  I stood strong on not adopting one of the puppies until he brought two puppies to the office and told me to choose one.  I just could not resist such puppy cuteness and David and I brought Sano (his nickname) home.  He will be eight on February 13th.

Now that you have met my babies, it's time to get on with the story.  The story of a morning routine that they think they should control.  Especially Sano.

Sano: Momma!  Momma!  I saw that eyelid move.  I know you are awake.  Get up!  I am starving to death.  I need food.  Get up! Get up!

Me: Give me a minute. (Grabs the tablet.)

Sano: Momma!  Let's go!  I am so, so, so hungry! COME ON MOMMA!

(Heads to kitchen)

Me: Do you need to go out?

Sano: No Momma!  I need food!

(Food into dish one)

Sano: *Gobble* *Gobble*

Me: Zume, come on! Breakfast is served.

(Zume comes running.  Food into dish two.)

Zume: Momma pet me! Pet me!

Zume: Okay momma, now it's time to eat!

(Sound of cat food)

Sano: Wait!  Was that cat food?  I must have it!  Definitely must be better than what is in my bowl.

(Spots Sano sneaking away.)

Me: No Sano!  Eat from your own bowl.

(Food finished)

Me: Do you need to go out?

Sano & Zume: Yes! Yes!

Zume: Sano, as soon as mom is not looking lets head over and find a way out of the fence.

Sano: Mom is watching.

Zume: Shoot! Okay, I'll head back up to the house. We'll try again later.

(Time passes)

Sano: Mom, I am at the door.  Let me in!  Let me in!

(Sano checks for uneaten food then heads for the bedroom)

Me: Zume get out of my space!

Zume: But mom, I am so cute here.

Me: Zume move!

Zume: Fine! *pouts*

(Sano heads to end of bed and curls up with Zume)

Must be hard being in charge during the morning.  Cause naps are required as soon as the morning routine is over.  I wish my life worked that way.

Yes, Sano and Zume are in charge in the morning.  Especially Sano. But I love them both and I wouldn't have it any other way.


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