Dogs Acting Like Two-Year Olds!

5 years ago

Dogs Acting Like Two-Year Olds!


If dogs could talk, it would take a lot of the fun out of owning one.  ~Andy Rooney

When did dogs start acting like two year olds? Scooby a blond Labrador Retriever of about six years and Seven, a black Labrador Retriever of about 2 and a half years have stepped back in the terms of maturity.  They always get in trouble, I believe that's unavoidable, but recently they are completely out of control.  They live with my parents so it's not like I have to deal with them everyday, however if that was the case, they would have no choice but to straighten up.  Over the last few weeks, we've been at our wits end with these defiant kids.

Now what could those adorable dogs have done that sparked this blog entry?  Let... me... tell... you!  But first, in order to really understand the stories, I have to explain each dog’s behavioral and characteristics physical.

Let’s start with the old hand of the household, Scooby.  He is a little bit chubby, slower moving by choice, except when there’s food around; very stubborn, yet a sensitive dog.  When he’s scolded, he looks like he's ready to cry.  However, he will push the boundaries and break rules, especially when no one is looking.  He tries to get away with as much as possible.  Scooby is not a people person, ironic since he's a Lab.  In fact, he hates anyone he doesn't know and is particularly protective of Kyle.  Not so much now-a-days but years ago.  If I was chasing Kyle around the house or tickling him while Kyle screamed, Scooby's hair would stand on end and the dog would give me this look like, 'Keep going and I WILL take you down.'  I don't think he's particularly friendly to kids.  We've never wanted to test that theory out, even though Scooby's been around Kyle since he was five years old or so.

If Scooby was a person, he would not be athletic and he’s certainly not agile.  He does however, have an iron stomach.  He can eat anything at any time including a stick of butter, silver wrapper and all.  True story!  Scooby's never had very good eyesight or hearing, but like a true Lab he uses his old factory senses to lead his way.

Now, the new pup we got from the pound about a year and a half ago when he was two.  Already named Seven when we picked him up, he slowly became a part of the household. I say slowly because Scooby wasn't very welcoming of the addition and Pudd'in (rest in peace) hated him.  Seven is not very sensitive, he could care less if he runs into you, knocks you down and leaves a big bruise.  He will jump on your chest and kick the wind out of your lungs without so much as a second glance.  Seven is pretty obedient but he does manage to get in trouble.  Over the years, he's been really following Scooby's lead.

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