Does Confidence Help You Make More Money?

3 years ago

Absolutely!!  How?  The more confidence you have, the more certainty and conviction you have which is convincing to others.  If you sound like you know what you are doing and what you are talking about, you believe it and have the intention to get the other person to perceive what you are communicating - then they are going to want to hire you, buy from you and work with you.  I used to suck at sales techniques but I believed 100% in what I could do for someone and how to help them, that was how I got more clients to make a living from. 

So, what if you don't have enough confidence?  How can you increase it?  Well... get more information about what is needed by whomever you are trying to convince.  Find out what they want.  Figure out what you have that others don't.  And see where the two of those things have something in common.  Something I always have done in the past is research what my "competition" is making or what the average title is making in that industry.  Then, I would look at what is it that I really do for someone.  This wasn't just in business, I did this when I had jobs too.  I always wanted to ensure I was ahead of others and knew what my leverage was, what my value was in a company or with a client.  That also gave me the upper hand to ask for more than the average - because I knew that I could deliver above and beyond what Mr. or Mrs. Average could.  I remember when I was an employee, I made an "Accomplishments" sheet that I attached with my resume and cover letter.  It basically listed out all these results I had produced in the different companies I had been a part of.  EVERY time I interviewed, the person would say... "No one has ever submitted something like this before."  It showed that I was organized, a go-getter, efficient and able to produce more than what was expected.  So what makes you stand out from the crowd?  How are you different, better, more desirable and worth the extra money that you are going to ask for?  Don't be afraid to say it out loud!  The more you convince yourself, the more you will convince others!

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