Does Age Matter When It Comes to Social Media?

5 years ago

How much does age matter when it comes to the Internet? On one hand, the computer can become not only a great age leveler -- it can release us from all the preconceived notions we bring into a conversation with someone we can see face-to-face. It no longer matters how you present visually; it matters what you have to say. On the other hand, with age comes viewpoint, wisdom, and focus. What would interest a teenager might not be what would interest a middle-aged woman. There are sites aimed at teenagers and sites aimed at baby boomers, and somewhere in between is this vast land of sites and conferences where people mix, prompting Jane at MidLifeBloggers to question what makes someone a midlife blogger, and wonder if there is acceptance in the vibrant online midlife community for those aging beyond. She writes,

After seven plus years blogging and four of nurturing MidLifeBloggers, I am for the first time surrounded by others who have blogs similar to mine. Women and men with the same goals. I wouldn’t say the blogosphere is actually crowded with midlifebloggers, but there is definitely an active community of us. And they are a vocal community. And an energetic community. And that has made me question my place in the blogosphere.

Go read the full post, Aging Out and Owning Up, on her blog now, and let me know: Are you a midlife blogger? Do you have a favorite midlife blogger??

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Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.