Doctors suck!

5 years ago
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Here I sit at work, waiting to see if I get called off work….leave early!  My fingers are crossed.  I have been through the wringer as my Nanny use to say when she had a hard day.  Marriage troubles, but wipes at work, not all, but most Dr.’s seem to think that nurses are their personal slaves, hitting posts, complaint departments, wives, etc.  I hate how our hospital protects the mostly male population (Dr’s).  Why can they scream at me, degrade me, and I can’t even say anything back to them without losing my job?  How pathetic is that???  They can call us stupid, actually scream at us and all we can do is file a complaint against them that is promptly filed away and told to just to ignore them…..seriously?  They have more education, but does that entitle them to be assholes from hell?  Why won’t our managers stand up for us?  Why can’t I stand up for myself without losing my job?  I should let my mother lose on them….but I learned a long time ago not to even tell her when a doctor was rude or said something mean to me because she wanted to go straight to the hospital and stomp their asses, her words not mine.  I am confident that she would have indeed made the trip had I not begged her to stay out of it and let me handle it. Still, I get the occasional, “any doctors been mean to you lately” questions from her.  I lie…..

On the  positive side….I guess… husband has returned home.  It seems that he didn’t like living with his mother quite as much as he thought he would.  We have talked, and are going to go to counseling.  Maybe things will work out for us after all.  Yet another lesson learned, never, ever tell your mother or family about marital problems because when you are ready to kiss and make up they are still ready to hang the offending spouse!