Do You Want to Win Friends and Influence People? Try Quirky Candy Gifts.

7 years ago

I have a wee bit of a reputation for sending quirky gifts - weird books, cool t-shirts, chocolate covered bacon. You know, all of the best stuff. The kind of stuff that causes an entire office full of BlogHer staff members to squee when I walk in the door. They love me, and I'm pretty sure it's for the chocolate covered bacon. OK maybe not JUST for the chocolate covered bacon, but I swear it increased my value to the company. Do not overlook the power of gifting with quirky chocolate.

If the people you're gifting don't get out much, a chocolate covered fruit flower basket from Edible Arrangements will cause people to worship you. I've given these as gifts several times -- and each time the recipient oooohed and ahhhhed and ran to the phone to thank me and ask me how I found out about this company... and then they all rushed off to wolf down their chocolatey fruity goodness in record time. These baskets do not last long, but the impression you make on people does.

Chocolate covered fruity flowers won't be worth writing a blog post about for some people. For those folks, you have to think outside of the box. Think about things like chocolate covered bacon from Marini's, or go all out and give a chocolate covered iPad. I guarantee you that either of these gifts will keep people thinking about you and talking about you for years.

What? You don't like bacon and you can't afford iPads for everyone in the office? I understand, I really do. So how about some Dragon's Beard Candy?

Many years ago, I stumbled upon the Dragon's Beard Candy video and I thought it was fascinating. I have a family full of people who don't need a darn thing and don't want anything either. Quirky me decided I'd just gift everyone with Dragons Beard for Christmas. It was a hit. It wasn't so much that everyone loved the taste of the candy; it was that they'd never heard of it -- and never seen the fascinating video, either. It was a learning experience and the chance to try something really unusual that caused it to be a hit. (This is the company that I ordered Dragon Beard from years ago. The box is beautiful and, way back when, they included a video of the candy making process. They may not do that anymore since online video watching is so prevalent. There are other companies that sell this candy, but I have no experience with them.)

If you're looking for a chocolate gift, try Chocomize. They run around $8 a bar (depending on your customization), but the customization is worth it. I created a bar for my partner called, "Thatwoman". It's milk chocolate with diced ginger, sea salt, caramel pieces and crystalized rose petals. The nutrition label even comes with her name on it. Pretty, right? I found a promotion code for free regular shipping, and the candy arrived within three days. The milk chocolate was super sweet. I think when I order my next customized bar, I'll order dark chocolate. Based on the cocoa content of their dark chocolate, I don't think it will be super bitter or strong. (And yes, I'm already planning my next candy bar. Dark chocolate with cayenne pepper, ground coffee, diced ginger and potato chips.)

Want to try something just a little quirkier? Buy a few boxes of LeWhif, and invite friends and coworkers over for a chocolate sniffing experience that they won't forget. I ordered my LeWhif from Dylan's Candy Bar. I found a promo code for a first time purchase, and shipping was free for this order, too. Three days later, we have two packs of LeWhiff. One package of coffee flavored and one combo pack with chocolate raspberry, chocolate and chocolate mint. These are tiny little boxes, and one Whif contains zero calories. I know some of you will find that a big bonus. TW and I played with these and had fun with them, but they don't really taste all that great. It's like sprinkling cocoa powder on your tongue. The mint variety tasted the best. The chocolate raspberry was shockingly sweet. The coffee versions were a huge disappointment to me. And, in some cases, there was a hint of a plastic taste. They're quirky and fun but a wee bit expensive. Still, you'll be talked about for years, because it's really about the experience your friends are having because of your gift.

All of these gifts are more than just a gift -- they are an experience. That's the key. I've got my eye one some chocolate covered jerky... I think I know someone who'd love that...

Have you given (or received) a gift that people are still talking about?

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