Do You Have Trouble Proofreading Your Own Blog?

5 years ago

I still remember my kindergarten teacher; she was not nice to me. She made me get up in front of the class and recreate a colorful design of shapes with blocks. I simply could not do it correctly. She ridiculed me in front of the class. Later on that year, my parents learned I had a form of dyslexia that made that particular task difficult. I also had a hard time enjoying reading. I would read the same line over and over again when I thought I told my brain to go to the next line. I went to special room for an hour or two every few days in those first few grades instead of having some fun time with my friends, but I cannot tell you exactly what I learned or how I learned it which is the problem that plagues me today.

I can read with much more ease than I could as a child. I do still read the same line again sometimes but certainly not the way I did when I was younger. I love to read and I love to write, something I did not say or feel when I was a kid.

My trade off, which as I get older, I find just as upsetting as my kindergarten teachers ridicule is the fact I struggle a great deal with proofreading. I have trained my brain to "see" what my eyes do not see. Somewhere, unconsciously, I have trained myself to compensate for what my eyes do not see properly and my brain interprets correctly for me.

As a blogger the difficultly of proofreading is an incredible challenge. None more evident than when I handed out my business card for my blog and found out there was minor typo on it! I am embarrassed to even write this here. I checked that card several times. I am a professional, I know how important it is. I simply could not see it. What is even worse is when someone pointed it out to me, I had to really focus and tell my brain to see what they were saying.

I proofread my blog posts in several ways as I write them out. I come back to them and reread them in the edit format. I then preview them so I can see them visually in a different way. I use spell check and grammar check. I still find errors when I go back and read posts later in the day... etc.

If I could understand how I got my brain to help me read maybe I could figure out how to make it help me proofread. I think that is going to take me awhile.

So to any blogger out there that has trouble proofreading, I understand. To any of my readers out there who wonder "does this girl proofread" that answer is yes, but I am simply not that good at it but I am trying.

Writer note: In my first proofread I found 4 spelling errors. In my 2nd pass I found nothing. In my third pass (reading the last paragraph 1st) I found 2 words missing. In my fourth pass (2 hours later), I changed a few words.

Do you have trouble proofreading your own posts?  Can you spot errors on other people's blogs and not your own?

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