Do We Owe Those Who Help Get Us A Job?

3 years ago

Almost a year ago now, I had someone who helped me get the job I am at now. To briefly explain my job, I work as a Samsung Experience Consultant in a Best Buy. There are tons of us all over the country! Ever walk into a Best Buy and see the Samsung set-up? That's me. That's us. Simply put, I love my job! Samsung is a fantastic company, and I wouldn't leave it unless I absolutely have to.

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I also wouldn't leave my location. I love my store! Like I said, we are all over the country, so just in my region alone we have somewhere around 17 stores. Frequently, I have the option to switch to another location if a part-time position opens up (or I could apply for a full-time position if I so choose). But as I said, I love my location, and I wouldn't leave it. In a couple of months, I am moving into a new house. Thankfully, it will still be the same distance for me to get to my job, just from a different direction.

Now, here is where the issue comes in. There is someone who works at another location and has a bit of a commute each day. He is also the one who helped me get my job with Samsung. For him, he lives pretty close to my store and would like to work there. To do so, both myself and my full-timer have to leave. The full-timer has to leave because we can only have one full-time person at our store. So as a part-timer, why do I have to leave? You see, this gentleman and I will soon be related; according to our boss, because of this we cannot work in the same location.

Right now my commute is 30 minutes one way. If I switched locations, the shortest commute I would have would be 45 minutes one way. Not to mention, my commute one way to school is going to be 45 minutes minimum. Do the calculations, but that is a lot of money in gas! Probably more than I make--so not worth it.

His commute right now is around 45 minutes to an hour one way. But, he also works more and makes more money per hour, making it much more affordable for him than for me. If he had to keep commuting, he would be fine. If I had to commute further, I would probably have to quit my job because I wouldn't be able to afford the gas.

This is where I need your help, people of the internet. Do I "owe" him to switch locations? Do I have some sort of obligation to him since he helped me get this job? I mean, I wouldn't be here in this job if it hadn't been for him, right? But really, do we owe those who help us get into a job?

Please internet people, I am really torn. He helped me get the job--do I owe him? Would it be the right thing for me to switch locations so he can work here? Maybe we do owe those who help us get jobs--but how much do we owe them, and where does it end?

I bought him a case of beer. I think that's all I owe him.

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