Do I Really Need A Better Butt?

4 years ago

I stood in the grocery last week, and it was difficult not to notice that four different magazines were featuring articles about a woman’s buttocks.

In one magazine, there were pictures of different shaped buttocks and you were asked to identify the shape of your butt. To be honest, I wasn’t sure, as I usually don’t twist my head around like Jim Carrey does in The Mask or Linda Blair in The Exorcist. For most of my life, my butt has sat fairly quietly on the top of my legs and has been of great use when it comes to walking, running, and climbing stairs. It was actually one of the few body parts I was unlikely to fret over.

Image: Love Maegan via Flickr

Out of curiosity, I did an Internet search on “How to get a better butt?”

I got 20,000,000 results!

What I’ve learned thus far is that you can eat, massage, exercise, lift, pad and even inject your way to a butt you can be proud of. Proud? Would people think I was smarter? Would people like me better? And most importantly, would I like myself more?

Throughout the years I have noted a growing trend to create problems where there aren’t any, leading to an ever-growing self-consciousness in women. It seems nothing is off limits when it comes to self-improvement. Start with your toenails and work you way up. It’s not easy to find a body part that hasn’t been written or addressed that doesn’t leave you with the idea that you had better do something to make it different and better.

I would like to believe that we are all evolved enough to know that changing a body part isn’t magical and that some changes just make absolutely no sense at all. Many “problems” are manufactured just to sell us new products and services -- most of which we don’t need. Yes, I laugh at the silly articles because I really know better, but they still catch my eye with their bright colors and fancy fonts. Sometimes I’m left wondering if I should be paying more attention.

About a month ago, a salesperson handed me a selection of jeans that she assured me would lift my butt and make it look fuller. (I hadn’t requested anything like this.) They did but (no pun intended) I didn’t buy them. Instead I headed to my go-to place and purchased my usual boyfriend jeans. For a day or so I stood taller and felt proud. Of course I may go back and buy a pair of those others because truth be told, they did make my butt look better, and I am, after all, a work in progress.

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