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4 years ago

Here it is Saturday already! This week went by very fast.  We are T-minus and counting for my trip to go see my son graduate boot camp! His last letter indicated he was having some difficulty with the PT test – and he was planning on working out every day to be sure to pass the final one.  In some of my digging for information I found that by week 8 we would know if he was graduating or not!  I have not heard anything so I am confident that he is going to graduate with his platoon! I am very proud of him! They are currently on the longest hike they will have done since he started.  It seems they will be out for several days and nights. They are playing war it seems- using all the lessons they have been taught thus far and will have several tasks they will have to pass to be able to move forward.   He is tough he will do well I am sure. 

I did go to the new meeting for Weight Watchers this morning. I met a lot of new people.  It is more fun to go with my friend from work.  I did loose- even though this week we had a big lunch at work on Friday.  I ordered a really good salad- it had spinach, lettuce, apples, raisins, eggs, walnuts and a bunch of other yummy ingredients in to. But I also ordered the chips and Queso as an appetizer – Oh wow were they good!  The chips were fresh and just the right amount of crunchy, salty. The cheese was just the right amount of smooth and had just enough spicy to be perfect! You will be proud of me- I ate what I wanted and threw the rest away.  We had bagels for breakfast- I did not bring one home and only ate one with the low fat cream cheese flavor.  We also had birthday cake for my supervisor. Oh it was so good.  It was a lemon cake and was just the right citrusy zing to it. It sang in our mouths- it was that good! But I only had one regular size piece with not too much icing on it! I did great this time!!  And the best news of all I have lost another 2.8 pounds which brings my true total weight lost to be 18.2 pounds, that number makes better sense and that is where I am going to use as my starting point again.  Still not telling what the number is but know that every pound is good for my heart and my joints. 

My friend from work, Pam and her husband Waymon have helped me make this idea I had with a leaf from a dining room table into a great little living room table/plant holder.  We have turned it into a table to go under the window in my living room.  It will be a place to put plants but still leave room underneath for the doggy door so Shorty, my faithful companion will still be able to go in and out at his convenience.  In January or so I am planning on adopting another dog, he will also be able to go in and out as needed, The doggy door will need to be installed before then. One more thing on the list of improvements for the cutest little rent house ever – along with the painting of the porch to match the front door.  Back to the new table, it was a table leaf that was saved from going to the dump one day.  Waymon, Pam’s husband and Pam have put on table legs, and painted them a dark green to match my front door and the love seat in the living room. (They go shopping at the hardware store chain that has the blue not orange sign and ask if I have a list – which I usually do. Waymon finds what I need to get what ever project I am working on done and then I of course pay for the parts.  They had the tools to attach the table legs to the table- I don’t have any tools yet- that is on the list for future purchases!)  I am going to decoupage the top with scrapbook papers or maybe some material I really like to make it all look the same. I have already decided to buy a couch that will match the love seat.  I love my love seat – it is green and just needs some attention by adding those deals from on TV- the furniture fix it slats.  You put these slats underneath the cushion and it makes the chair seem like new!  You know what I am talking about.  Once I get back from my trip this month and after we get over Christmas and New Years my budget will include a house improvement portion in my savings.  I am determined to make this the most beautiful cutest little rent house ever! Which will mean also painting the front porch and the railing, I have plans on what colors I want for the inside walls I just need to go find the exact paint colors to turn my ideas into reality.  I have plans to ask Waymon one time when he goes shopping at the blue not orange hardware store if he will help me to get exactly what I need.  I will first start with the paint samples and make swatches on the walls to see which one I can live with.  I also want to make my closet over as well.  There are endless options of closet organization available to any budget I am finding.  This is the way coolest ever I think.  I had thought closet organization was for the have money set only but not so – even my small budget can afford to make over my closet with careful planning!!  First though I have to save up to be able to afford this make over for the cutest little rent house ever! 

Why am I talking about my budget so much? I am working on future posts about this but know that this was a hard earned lesson.  I can not just go off into the home improvement project without careful planning in my budget. 

Luke 14:28-30

28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? 29 For if you lay the foundation and are not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will ridicule you, 30 saying, ‘This person began to build and wasn’t able to finish.’ 

That is not what I want my witness to say.  One of the lessons I have learned is to be able to live within my budget.  I am working on being a good steward with what God has blessed me with – no matter what that amount is.  Sometimes that means you need to tighten your belt and live without a fancy cell phone and the latest new gadget thing.  I will be posting on how I have done that in future posts – I am working on getting the links right so you can go to the appropriate web sites for further information should you need it. I have sat under several great teachers on the spiritual way to handle money and how to make it multiply. I want you to get the same information.  

Once I get the table done I will take a picture and show you the finished product.  I didn’t even think about it but I could have shown you a before picture first.  I can show you how it looks before I fix the top to match the legs.  I know my friends have done a great job on it so far – I can’t wait until it is all finished and I can put the plants on it and see how it looks under the window!  

The only other projects that are left to get done before Thomas gets here is to get my shelves hung up in my room and to get the Christmas stuff out and put up.  I still have one more week and a weekend to get this done – May the force be with me! 

I am praying for you!

Miss Wanda 

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