DIY Business Cards

8 years ago

DIY Business, fast and eco-suave.

Gawky Green @ Twogirlsgogreen

Here’s what you’ll need...

  • Used
    cardboard boxes preferably with fun designs on them (e.g., cereal
    boxes, cracker boxes, old ink cartridge boxes, you get the point).
    Check your recycling bin.
  • 2"x4" white shiping labels--I bought
    mine at Office Depot. They do make some eco-friendly labels, but they
    were slightly out of my price range. One day...
  • Someone’s old business card to use as a tracer
  • Water-based glue
  • Scissors
  • A computer with the SPRANQ Ecofont installed on it (See step 1 for more information)

Steps to making your very own ecofriendly business cards:

Design your labels on the computer using a label template. I chose to
keep mine very clean and simple. Twogirlsgogreen in BIG
e-mail below it....and a cutsey little tagline “Please consider the
environment before tossing me out.” I typed this out using a font
someone passed along to me called the Ecofont.
It’s a font that is made up of tiny holes, only noticeably visible to
the eye at around size 15. The point being, it uses up to 20% less ink.
Neat eh? Best part, it’s free.
2) Print your filled out template onto your sticky labels.
3) Flatten all the boxes so you’re working with a smooth flat surface. Try not to use cardboard that has creases or dents.
4) Place the label down onto the cardboard. Make sure the entire label fits onto the piece of cardboard you’ve selected.
Cut carefully and tightly around the edge of the label. So one side is
just the white label, and one side is the colorful cardboard.
This next step is optional. I did it so my cards were the same size as
a standard business card. I took the “model” business card (my
boyfriend’s dentist’s card) and laid it onto my label/cardboard
concoction. The height was perfect, but the width was slightly off. So
I held the card up and cut the sides off.
7) I repeated this thirty
times, for thirty business cards. Then I laid them all out on my table
and sealed them with a water-based glue. Both sides—just to give them a
more polished look. Badda boom badda bing.
8) Let them dry.
9) Hand them out!

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