Dis(pin)trested...why I chose to delete my Pinterest account

5 years ago

Several of you reading this are probably thinking how ridiculous I am for deleting my Pinterest account.

Yes, Pinterest at its core is a great concept and awesome for blogging. When I first accepted the invitation to join, I thought it would be a great way to visually keep track of things that I found online.

I had a few different boards. One with things that I wanted to make and buy for our new house. I had two boards showcasing food I wanted to cook and eat, one healthy board and one sinfully delicious of course! I even had a board with cool activities I wanted to do with my boys and one with genius cleaning tips.

Sounds pretty harmless, right?

Well these same boards were quickly leading to my emotional demise as they were a representation of things I wanted, slowly eating away at me. I wanted to eat something, I wanted to buy something, I wanted to create something, or I wanted to fix something. As I pinned each new pin, my list of wants grew longer and longer.

My gigantic to-do list left me feeling depressed and overwhelmed. I felt like a bad mom because I hate anything that involves a hot glue gun, scissors, or glitter. I struggled to make decisions about whether I should make low fat, organic, vegan, or low carb foods a part of my meal plan. 

It's easy to fall in love with Pinterest because it delivers the same thrill as shopping. The downside is that Pinterest only gathers concepts and not the tangible result. So instead of having all of these great things, all we are left with is a gigantic to-do list.

It's not you Pinterest, it's me.

The last thing I need right now is more stuff to do or more things I need to buy. It's a cute idea, but you know what? All of those old wood shutters cost money! Before Pinterest I would have never thought that my dishwasher needed cleaned, but now that I know, I guess using kool-aid would work. Hey, at least it’s cheap!

Motherhood is constantly bringing organic challenges to my life. I promise you that I am not missing out on some ground breaking concept that I will never be able to find again by not using Pinterest. Yes, the internet is a vast ocean of information and ideas. But I would rather lose them forever, than to waste more time adding things to my list when I could actually be doing something like playing with my kids or going for a walk.

When I'm finally ready to build a farm house table, I'll start my project the old fashioned way and Google it. Who knows, maybe there will be a better idea by then!

Is Pinterest a blessing or a burden in your life? Are you ready to pack up your boards for good?

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