Dirty Politics at the Expense of Our Children’s Educations

5 years ago

The power of social media on a small rural town in a series of posts.  

I blog, and I do it for me.


Some people gamble or golf but I enjoy telling stories.  I do it and I cross my fingers that someone might want to read what I put out there, right here where you are reading right now.  

Abbie Gale allthatmakesyou.com

Last week I posted something that was for the people in my county.  I did what I do best and that is I told a story.  I wrote it down.  It is my story and perspective and I shared pictures and video.

I did it to shine a light on what has been going on in our little corner of the country.

Sunlight is a strong disinfectant.  

Transparency keeps people honest.

Social media is powerful and anyone who thinks otherwise is mistaken. 

In 48 hours I was able to tell the story about dirty politics at the expense of my children’s educations 1,500 times.  My story was shared on Facebook and “liked” over 400 times. 

Now it feels like I am writing for others.  Now it feels like my words might bring about change.  I feel like a changemaker.  

I blog, but now it may be for our children's future.

This is just part one of a series of posts I will be writing to keep voters informed and readers, well, reading.  It is amazing that in our country things can happen like this, despite the checks and balances we have put into place.

You can find the story here, where I sit and share at allthatmakesyou.com 

Link to the story here: Dirty Politics at the Expense of Our Children’s Educations

Abbie Gale at allthatmakesyou.com




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