Digital vs. Film Photography

7 years ago

You would think this topic would be long gone, but film vs. digital still seems to spring up every now and again. I find this confusing People shout film sucks or digital trumps film everytime. But they seem to be missing the point. I see Photography as a form of expression.
Before that, I'd like to quickly explain the pros and cons of film and digital photography. Most people like to argue the quality of film vs. digital. This is ridiculous. Any sort of study will point to film having superior quality. Even a decent roll of 35mm film surpasses most megapixel cameras you can buy today. Why do you think every landscape photographer still uses a 4x5 film camera? Because they produce above a 100 megapixel image when scanned correctly. The issue arose when digital images were being compared to scanned negatives. Of course, the quality of scans used to be terrible. They should have compared direct prints vs. prints of the digital image, but people tend to see things how they want to.
So if film has such superior quality, where did it go? The answer is very simple: people are lazy. Before digital photography, this profession was suited only for professionals or hardcore enthusiast. The price of lenses, film, development and printing could add up quickly. But lo and behold, with the advent of digital, anyone could take a photo. If you don't like it? There is a handy little delete button. No smelly chemicals, no bulky equipment, and very little investment. Suddenly, a child could be a photographer.
The film industry didn't even see it coming. They thought, “People won't want that! Look at the quality! It's pathetic!" But people would much rather have a dingy two megapixel image of their pets than nothing at all. to be honest, if I had to choose between a $200 portrait session and a photo from a digital camera, I'd choose the digital camera.
So don't get caught up in which one is better. Both have their ups and downs. If all you can afford is a 5 megapixel digital camera, why not? If you want to put the time and effort into composing the perfect sunset, why not buy a nice rangefinder? For more information check out some other sites! And don't forget, photography is about the experience, not the megapixels!

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