A different kind of love

5 years ago
If you've read my blog for .5 seconds, you'd know I am in love with my puppy, Ernie. I can't call him my dog, even though he is two years old, puppy sounds much cuter and more loveable. I've always loved animals but wasn't until my 4 legged baby stole my heart that I have developed a deep love and passion for animals. Watching Planet Earth now makes me cry and seeing homeless people with dogs just tears me up inside. Not that I wasn't a softie already, I think Ernie was sent from God to show me how much animals can change lives. 
I posted an instagram picture of me at the Utah Zoo having an amazing experience with a squirrel monkey. I mentioned in a post that throughout elementary school, I wanted to be a monkey trainer when I grew up. Where I got this idea, no clue, but that is what I wanted. I've always had a thing for monkeys. And after seeing the movie Return To Me, I've always wanted to touch hands with one (behind glass of course). And don't judge me but the thought of owning a little monkey did cross my mind after seeing the show My Monkey Baby. Haha.
But this experience...so incredibly cool. I've never swam with dolphins but I would think it would be a similar feeling. I was happy and excited and had tears in my eyes, and I am glad Jon got it on camera. This little guy was so interested in me for a good minute or so.











My life has been changed owning a dog, being the fur mama to Ernie has taught me so much about love and patience. He has shown me unconditional love that no other being can satisfy. He is always a happy face (literally he is always smiling, we call him the Joker), so excited when I get home, and will never say no to sleeptime cuddles. I see the way my sister and her husband love their dog and how my parents 12 year old dog is still a giddy puppy playing with my brother. 
I come from a long line of dog lovers. My grandma volunteered at the animal shelter for many many years and now her and my papa walk dogs for friends. My aunts both foster labs and are saving the lives of those dogs. Dogs (and I am sure other animals, I am just a dog owner) change lives. They build spirits and save souls. They are the best friends and listeners humans will ever encounter. They teach us, protect us, and never forsake us. 
If you haven't seen this video/article, you must check it out. You will be crying happy tears and holding your four legged friends tight.


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