Did you forget? I forgot...

3 years ago


Is there anything good that comes from forgetting? Well, if my older sister was writing this she would say HELL YES! Because she has forgotten everything. She is so good at forgetting that she needs a GPS to get out of her neighborhood...every time she goes anywhere. It is so charming. Really.

I have a head full of stuff. I wonder if there is a way to download the overflow to make room for new stuff, but still keep the vital stuff in there and accessible?

I know damn well that there is NOT. I still wrote it though.

A former classmate of mine just lost her husband. In a traffic accident. I have not been in contact with this gal for a very long time but thanks to the wonders of FB, I heard (saw) about the tragedy and I just could not stop thinking about her. The circumstances of the accident were unspeakable. I sent her a message letting her know she was on my heart. I would bet it all on the fact that SHE would love to be able to FORGET what she saw, how her beloved's life ended.

So if I were to make a definitive statement about what good is forgetting, I would say that in the case of sights, so horrific, then yes...since you can't un-see them, how about being able to forget what you saw? Sounds pretty desirable.

Over 25 years ago my husband witnessed his friend crash land a parasail. He hit the water so hard that his ankles spun around backwards and shattered. To this day, the retelling of the story causes me to shudder and I was NOT there. My husband says he wishes he could forget what that looked like. Pretty graphic I bet.

I never watch horror movies. I do not need those images in my head. I would not be able to forget them and so then I would be stuck with the images popping up when I least expect it. That's how it is in my head....movie reel of memories popping up all the time.

Whether I am eating popcorn or not. But let's be honest...most days I am eating popcorn...

Yes, voluntary memory loss is a good thing. A necessary thing. Sometimes forgetting is the only thing that saves us. I think it could complete the stages of grief. The final stage: forgetting the bad and only REMEMBERING the good parts.


Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance, Forget, Remember

Works for me.

Back to me. It always comes back to me. Don't forget it. Or forget it if that works for you.


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