DESTINY.......I simply wonder sometimes why some people think that their DESTINY awaits down the Wrong Roads in life.....I do believe in 2 kinds of Destiny....The Good Destiny and a Bad Destiny....The Bad Destiny can easily be found on the Wrong Roads one knowingly takes......The wrong directions lead to the wrong places not the RIGHT DESTINY.....When ones wants to find the right DESTINY....DESTINY will work with you....on the Right the RIGHT DIRECTION...

Why is it that so many people think they will meet their DESTINY by going in the wrong direction of it…..Our Destiny (the good things in life) have a certain DIRECTION….A ROAD…..If we are headed down the wrong roads….what makes one think they are going to reach where they truly want to go?

Destiny plays a role in our lives……Either way…..It can be a positive Desitny or a negative one….The negative one is found on the wrong roads….The positive ones are found on the right roads..DESTINY will help a person along  on either road……But Good Destiny will not be found on Bad Destiny's Road…..Good Destiny is found on the roads that are traveled to where the “good stuff’ lies…..

Destiny has it’s own ways……And yet, it gives us options…..It shows us the way through  listening to our Souls….Our Souls instinctively know what is right or wrong….unless one has become so jaded because they have been down the wrong road so long….Many who have traveled the wrong roads would simply rather stay on the wrong roads then turn around and head towards the right ones….It is all a person’s decision which roads to travel and to which DESTINY they will embrace….

I believe Destiny will always assist us towards the right way….by roadblocks….It seems Destiny throws in roadblocks to show us “Stop, Go Back….” In some cases Destiny will push us forwards in the right directions even when we have run into a storm….Even right roads have storms…..but Destiny helps us along those right rights…On the wrong roads it seems it is always a struggle…..

Decide in your heart if your Destiny is pointed towards the right roads or the wrong roads and make adjustments as you see fit……Destiny Awaits….

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