Depression, suicide, & strength.

3 years ago

Life is becoming extremely hard. Very hard. Everyone goes through times where they are upset or mad with the world. 

I'm going to get personal and share a little something about myself. I do have depression. I don't take medicine, I don't talk to a therapist. I express how I feel with my husband, mom, or best friend. I believe the ones closest to you can help you through the roughest of times rather than someone who doesn't know you and let's you talk the whole time. 

I have come to the point sometimes where I say, "no one needs me here, I could just go away and everything will be fine." So not true. For one, I could NEVER actually hurt myself. Too scared. And I couldn't leave my children, my husband, My mom, my best friend, my family. I couldn't leave everyone by my choice. When people are thinking like this, they are thinking of themself and not others. Not a crime! I have been a victim of this! To get you OUT of this thinking, you must think of those around. Those who love you and care for you. And that's what gets me out of my slump. 

This is a very hard topic for me to share, I am embarrassed about it. But with the famous Robin Williams and may teens out there committing suicide... it's hard to think about. Be strong through every challenge. I see every challenge as, "God won't give you anything you can't handle." Every person is strong and able to overcome every obstacle.  

I strongly believe it because I face it. Depression is not a joke. And you always have someone to talk to. Me. If there is NOONE else, I am here. I WILL take the time to help you. 

- amy elaine


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