Defriendtion: A Brand New Way to be a Jerk Online

a month ago

Do you know what this world needs? More ways to treat each other's feelings carelessly. And that's why Internet trolls are getting their wish this Christmas season and being gifted with the ability to rudely let you know that they don't like your Facebook status update with a brand new dislike button called Defriendtion.

Defriendtion's press release bills it as a

First-of-a-kind app for Facebook that allows users to express their dislike of friends’ annoying activities or posts. Evoking memories of dreaded school detention and delivering what Facebook users have requested for years – the much needed 'dislike' button, Defriendtion is the ultimate cyber spanking for anyone that deserves a bit of a timeout!

Cyber spanking?

Confused on how this works? Your "friend" -- you know, that person that you connected yourself with on Facebook specifically because you were interested in keeping up with the details of each other's lives (that very same person you could disconnect yourself from if you wished since it's actually within your own free will whom you associate with online) -- posts something on Facebook such as the fact that their child made the honour roll at school. Then you fill out an "evidence" report telling them how much they annoyed you with what they posted. Then, according to their press release,

The act is shown on their wall and timeline, as well as the newsfeed and ticker of both parties involved - for all of their friends to see (based on their Facebook privacy settings). Users can also connect Defriendtion to their Twitter account, and with just one click, the user’s “call out” will be seen by all of their Twitter followers, easily spreading news of the infraction.

See, you can spread word of your rudeness near and far. Defriendtion has created a helpful video to let you know all the various ways you can be cruel.

What are your thoughts on Defriendtion?  And would you keep yourself connected to someone who used it on you?

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