Defining Your Personal Wellness Path Step 3

5 years ago



Congratulations! You are making strides in defining your own wellness path. You are on your way to becoming your path. Now is the time to start eliminating your negative habits and replacing them with positive ones. We all have negative habits. Sometimes they are so deeply ingrained we don’t even notice them anymore. Things like smoking, and overeating or drinking are obvious ones. But what about things like poor sleep habits, flying off the handle, being overly critical of yourself and others? Before you can actually change them, you must first identify them. Over the next week or so start to jot down things you realize are damaging your health. Now is a good time to record your positive and healthful habits as well.

While you are discovering some of the things you would like to change, resist the urge to try and stop every unhealthy habit at once. Creating new habits takes time, repetition and determination. Forming a new habit takes true focus. Remember, many of your harmful habits have taken years to develop, so it is highly unlikely you will be able to undo them overnight. Step three of defining your wellness path is about being mindful. You are in charge. You are deciding what you are ready and willing to change in your life.  

TIP: Visualizing your desired result is a very useful device in your journey. Try picturing yourself well rested, active and happy in your relationships with others. “Seeing” yourself as you want to be has enabled many people to quit smoking, lose weight and obtain previously unobtainable goals.  Spend some time each day seeing yourself successfully eliminating your negative habits. Soon you will be able to add positive visualization to your list of healthy habits.

 Be the Path!

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