Debunking 7 Myths to Success

7 years ago
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Anyone who knows me, knows I’m Anti – “Success,” Anti – “Industry” and Anti – Anybody and Everybody who's in the business of selling dreams and…LIES! (See what happened here when my boyfriend challenged me on this issue).

Everyone in the world wants to achieve some level of success – and if you say you don’t, you’re lying!

But what really bothers me is that people are looking to the wrong examples in an effort to achieve it.

I’m using myself as a “case study” if you will, to show you (and myself) that success is possible, and outlining everything that it is NOT – with the hope of ultimately showing you (and me) that we all can achieve it and that it doesn’t have to be in the form of Booty – Droppin’ or Bottle Poppin’!

THE GOOD NEWS IS: that’s exactly why God put all of us here on this Earth – to use our talents to ACHIEVE!

THE BAD NEWS IS: most people never will reach it. In part, because they’re still trying live up to a slew of misguided standards.

And another sad fact of the matter is: there’ll continue to be a world full of wasted talent because society is teaching us something different.


1. I have to be a Celebrity

This seems to be one of the most pervasive lies circulating around about what it means to be successful. And let me tell you, I don’t do well with people who exploit for the sake of a dollar. When you think of artists who have “fell off” or people who are no longer on the “radar,” maybe it’s because they’ve paved their own way instead of letting the industry define them – people who get it.

2. I need to be Ultra Smart

The feeling that you have to be the next Google mastermind, Twitter phenom or Zuckerberg is discouraging. Most of us won’t come up those kinds of ideas and…THAT’S OKAY! The best thing ever said to me regarding my business ideas was to, “Start from home” – to say, little ideas can flourish too.

3. I need to have an AST, BA, MBA, CPA, PhD, MBChB & other Advanced Degrees

Learning is life long and doesn’t always have to come in the form of an advanced degree. This is a bone of contention between me and one of my coworkers who always beats me over the head with, “V, when you gonna get your Masters?” Non – traditional learning and real world experience qualify.

4. I need to be Ultra Attractive

Everywhere you turn, everyone is or wants to be a model. I’ve even fallen to the syndrome (I discuss a recent model cast in my upcoming book). I’m not trying to knock anyone’s hustle, if that’s truly your purpose, then great. But ladies (and men), your talents shouldn’t rest at this.

5. I need to be Rich

Aaaah, the ‘ole “money begets money” and the “who you know” mentality. Money and who you know may get you in the door but it won’t keep you there. That is all.

6. I have to Compromise Myself and My Values

Why don’t you believe that your brilliant self is enough to sustain you? There’s no future in folding. No virtue in wavering. I think a greater respect is to be had for those individuals who have the courage to stick with the things that they believe.

7. Success = Being Lucky

Uuuum, why are people still equating success with luck? It doesn’t fall from the sky NUMNUT and land in your lap! Someone hit it right on the nose when they said, “People often miss it because it’s disguised as work.”

So, what do you think?

Veronica Young

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