Dear Robin Thicke: Your Video Crosses a Line With Women (COMMENTARY)

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It’s 2013 and I cannot believe that singers are still writing lyrics – and creating music videos – that are offensive to women. But sadly this is the case…particularly with Robin Thicke’s new song “Blurred Lines.”

The singer’s latest effort – which features guest vocals from rapper T.I.and producer, Pharrell – has received considerable backlash, with critics going as far as saying that the lyrics, “I know you want it,” promote non-consensual sex and rape, and women’s groups arguing that the video objectifies women as nothing more than sex toys for men to play with.

While I do not believe that any of these men have “rape” on their minds, I do believe that the song and the video crosses a line and degrades women. Furthermore, it does very little – scratch that, nothing—to empower women.

Still, Thicke has defended his song amid the controversy and says the video is not meant to be offensive. “Pharrell and I would have never gone in the studio to make a song that's derogatory,” he said. “We're saying "That Man is Not Your Maker" and that a woman is as powerful as a man at all times. And they don't need him to define her."

Is that what they are saying? I guess I missed that. Maybe I was too distracted by the various references to women – my sisters – as “bitches” and “animals.” Or the fact that the men are fully clothed, while the women prance around nude -- for reasons inexplicable to me -- as objects slide down their backs and smoke is blown on their expressionless faces.

And what does this video say about female beauty? It seems to encompass these characteristics: lean, tall, big hair and breasts, and no pores.

I was also disturbed by the countless contradictory statements throughout the song. “You’re a good girl, you’re a bitch, you’re an animal, but come get at me.” Huh? And my personal favorite, “Just Let Me Liberate You,” –because, let’s face it: Nothing empowers a woman more than waiting for her man to liberate her!

As a woman, I am SO tired of these representations of women in the media. It’s sad to think that this will never end, simply because “sex sells.”

Having said all of that, I don’t think that Robin Thicke and the guys in his video are bad guys. But I believe that men sometimes think it's okay to treat women this way because no one calls them out on it.  For example, I have heard many men try to make calling women “bitches,” normal.  But they don’t understand how that makes us feel and some women are afraid to speak up about it.

I want Robin Thicke to know that, yes, man is not my maker. BUT, I also don’t need a man to call me his bitch.


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