Dear Polar Vortex

3 years ago



January 8, 2014


Dear Polar Vortex:


     You may have won a few of the battles over the last couple of days here at our house, but you didn’t keep us down.  

  • Yes, my husband had to bathe in bottled water warmed on the stove before work yesterday because we had no water in our bathrooms.  But you know what, from that he  learned that  even if you do not  immerse yourself in hot water for 30 minutes prior to the workday the Pope will not faint.  
  • And yes, once the furnace took a dive, well, things got real – but we learned that Sriracha sauce on everything will keep you warm from the inside.  I personally like it on my morning toast.  

So, there were lessons and a few losses, but there were also victories:

  • The lights flickered but we never lost power.
  • And this 103 year old farm house survived without any structural damage (the shingles on the ground that were frozen off of the roof are not structural).  She is a sturdy one, and I'm guessing at her age she's seen the likes of you before.  
  • To quote the Jimmy Buffett song "Boat Drinks", nobody shot any holes in our freezer,  and no one was bodily harmed, even though we are not as young as we were back in "The Blizzard of '78".  
  • I will admit, when things started getting tough, we tried for those cheap airfares, but all of the flights were cancelled anyway, so we had to just stick it out.  

     So, I’d say, all in all, you put up a good fight, but we won the war – I felt  victorious anyway when my husband was able to shower before work today, and then left the house wearing only one pair of wool socks.

     Yes, the gloves are off, Dear Polar Vortex – literally, with the furnace humming along, I don’t think I’ll be needing them to keep my fingers from freezing as I write today.

Sriracha anyone?  



The Wozniak Family - Ohio

P.S. Sriracha sauce does not pair well with "boat drinks" (Now if I can just locate my antacids).



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