Dear Anonymous, This is Why Blogging Matters

21 days ago

To the anonymous commenter - it was just a little comment that you left on my Dear Overwhelmed Mom post - that post where I wrote about my overwhelming day and then share what I did during those moments of overwhelm. You left a comment that I felt did little to edify, encourage, understand, or even open discussion.

"But I see you found time to blog."

The nature of your comment undermines blogging.

If I had instead chosen a different outlet on that overwhelming day - knitting, crafting, writing in a journal, dancing, singing, playing piano, gardening, going for a walk, baking or more would that have received the same response? You see, for me, blogging is like art. It's creative, it's an outlet, and honestly it is something that I deeply enjoy. So I write about having an overwhelming day. I suppose I could create an image of a life that is perfect - with pinterest like parties and food network quality food and a living room that looked like it was pulled from an Anthropologie page. And you know, I like reading those blogs - they inspire me to be creative, to cook better - they also fill a needed niche and supply voice in this online world.

But, I've chosen to write about my heart and finding joy in the midst of the busy - often it's my mothering heart and the day to day ups and downs that mothers walk through.

When we meet women who make fabulous art and jewelry we encourage them to put their beauties on Etsy and to sell them to friends. They are using their skill sets to create beauty. We applaud the effort and creativity.  Blogging is no different, really. The medium is words and pictures woven together that creates a story, or shares some recipes, offers encouragement or a laugh, gives decorating ideas or frugal tips, and voices honest commentary and opinion.

So yes, I found time to blog. I find time to sit, to write, to process - when my children are in bed or at times during the day where it's quiet. And dear anonymous commenter there is nothing wrong with that. My priorities are in the right place. My home is not in disarray, the laundry is almost always caught up, I cook dinners, garden, drive to ballet, teach my kids, am active in church, have friends that I laugh with, read books, mop the floors, and more. And yet, I had an overwhelming day. Don't we all? I think it's best that we talk about the days that don't go perfectly and offer encouragement to each other. For me? It's sitting down and writing a bit of my heart.

Blogging matters, dear anonymous commenter, it matters.

Blogging is another form of voice, of creativity, and of encouragement. For too long voices and creativity has been stifled by culture and society - so instead let's embrace blogging, writing, creating, crafting, sewing, cooking, speaking, for what it truly is - a voice in this world.

Now, I'm off to go start the dishwasher, and read some books to my toddlers, weed my gardens, cook dinner, build with legos, and later today, I'll sit at my netbook with a tablet of scratch paper next to me and I will write.

Blogging is an art.

stepping down from my soapbox....

Rachel @ finding joy!/finding_joy

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