Life can be full of stops and starts….…one way or the other……What we give our focus to in life and our energies determine where we get our results…….Some places or focuses are simply DEAD ENDS. As long as we continue to give our focus and energies to a dead end situation we are likely to not get many new results….It amazes me how people at times continue to do the same thing over and over expecting new results……Some situations have given us all they can give us and to continue on in those situations will be just about all we will get…..

There are other situations that take time…..That the fruits of our labor do not come about overnight….Those are not dead end situations….Instead they are situations that simply take our time,  patience, and perseverance…..These can be in the form of careers, relationships, finances, health issues, or almost anything else….They will come about over time….

What we give our time to does determine where we get our results…..We have to decide what we want out of life….Then we must decide what direction we need to take in order to achieve it……I grew up with the saying “barking up the wrong tree” which essentially means “being in the wrong place for what you want….” So often people are not where they need to be in life or doing what they need to be doing to achieve what they truly want…..Sometimes we simply have to shift gears and go to where we need to be to achieve what it is we want……

Some jobs in life have limitations….We will continue to get what we have received by doing the same thing, but it is unlikely to go beyond that level….If we want something new and different then we will have to make some change along the way to make it happen if we want anything different….

Change in itself is not good or bad….The key is to make the RIGHT change or changes in order to achieve what we want…..The wrong change to make a change will unlikely bring about what we want…..Decisions create our lives….We are where we are at for the most part in life due to our decisions along the way. One right decision after the other. If we want to change our lives we have to change our decisions……Make the right decisions…

So often people are afraid to make changes or decisions….Some decisions do not always show a clear path…and many feel it is safer to stay where they are…….Decisions are rarely easy….If they are then that is great…..If they are not then we should gain clarity the best we can before starting upon a new adventure in life…..Not making decsiions will keep one right where they are at till life pushes them on…..When life pushes people on it is ususally through negative events. When we push our own selves on it is usually because we have positive choices. I think that it is usually best if we can push our own selves on before life pushes us on….

Where we give our energy, time, and focus does determine our results….Sometimes we simply have to take a clear look at what we are doing day to day to see if it is going to take us in the direction of life we want to go……

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