A Day in the Life of Mollie - A Home At Last

Mollie is a beagle.  For those of you that do not know about beagles, they are loving, gentle, trusting, and stubborn.  Mollie is no different.  Mollie is also a rescue and here is her story in "her own" words, so to speak. 

Hi! My name is Mollie & I'm a rescue! My family rescued me from a puppy mill when I was 2 years old. The owners left me and 3 other beagles without food or water during an extremely hot summer after they found out they were going to be investigated. By the time the police got there, two of us had died from dehydration and starvation. Mugzy and me only survived after 3 weeks of IV therapy and a slow reintroduction of food.

When my new mom came to pick me up, the rescue vet warned her that there may be residual side affects they just didn't know how severe. They did know I had ruptured my vocal chords from barking and howling so much trying to get someone to give us food and water. They told her I would never howl and barking would be very difficult. When my mom took me to her vet to be spayed he found a puncture in my bladder, a twisted small intestine and a deformed kidney. Her vet was so upset he didn't charge her to fix my bladder and small intestine. He stayed with me all night long, even sleeping at the clinic to make sure I was okay. There is nothing he can do to fix my deformed kidney. He said that these injuries are common in female dogs that have been pregnant too early or too many times. So he did a blood test and found steroids in my body that induce estrus (heat) so I'd get pregnant more frequently. I remember those shots, they were painful. Now when I have to have my vaccinations every year, I hide my head against my mom's chest and whimper.

The owner of the puppy mill was a really big man. I'm only 14" long. I have 3 ribs that were broken and healed wrong because he kicked me and didn't take me to the vet. I know Mugzy had similar injuries too. My new dad is a big man too. I was so scared when we got to my new home that I had an accident on the floor. My dad didn't yell or kick at me; he just talked very softly and told me it was going to be okay. He cleaned up the mess while my mom took me around the house, introducing me to my new family including 2 boys, another dog, 2 hamsters, and a foster cat. I was so tired after the long car ride but there was no crate for me to sleep in. My mom got on the floor next to this squishy mat and told me to come lay down. It was sooo soft! She kept petting me and talking to me that I fell asleep almost immediately.

It took a couple of days but I finally realized my new dad wasn't going to hurt me. He was lying on the couch watching the picture box in the corner. I was so sad and lonely. I was used to being in a crate with 4-5 other dogs and now I was in this really big house. I nudged his hand with my nose; he patted his belly and told me to come up. I jumped up on his chest and laid down. I could hear his heart beating. It was so comfortable that I fell asleep. I remember waking up to something growling; here it was my new dad, snoring. So I laid my head back down and went back to sleep.

I've been with my family for 9 years now. I learned how to play, chase squirrels and bunnies, follow commands, and go potty outside. I can be a little stinker sometimes. My boys are grown up and have gone off to college, when I miss them I go jump up on their beds and take a nap. It smells like them and I don't feel lonely anymore. When I'm scared or cold at night, I'll sneak into my mom & dad's room and jump up on the bed to lie in between them. My mom has even caught me on the back of the couch staring outside, down at the squirrels playing in the front yard. They never yell or hit me, they just tell me to get down and I do.

I have a home and a family that takes good care of me and loves me even when I'm a little stinker.  I no longer live in a crammed little crate.  I get to run, play, bark, howl, and smell all the wonderful, stinky smells the outdoors has to offer.  I’m one lucky little dog. 

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