The Day I Got a Retweet From Prince

4 years ago

I've had some pretty amazing fangirl moments in my life. 

In 6th grade, I met Selena after what would be her final Alamodome performance. 

When I was a cop in the Air Force, I was chosen to work Avenged Sevenfold's security detail during their appearance at our base exchange. They later gave my entire shift tickets to their show and backstage passes to hang with them.  

 At BookPeople last year, I nervously stepped up to her table and told Brene Brown how her work helped me heal and recover from PPD during a book signing for Daring Greatly.  When she gave me a hug and said PPD is one of the cruelest shame monsters, I broke down and ugly cried.  Not one of my finer moments, I can assure you!

Since joining Twitter in 2009, I've had similar experiences with writers, artists, and other folks I respect and admire,  My favorite contemporary artist Makoto Fujimura follows me and has complimented my artwork.  When I geeked out over Rachel Held Evans following me, I choked on the ginger ale I was drinking when she stated she enjoys my writing.  When  l praised the dopeness of Solange's new  music, art, and culture blog Saint Heron, I broke out in the Carlton when she replied

Screenshot of Prince from The New Girl via Fox

Last Saturday  I was casually surfing my Twitter feed and found out that Prince is now on Instagram. In the past, Prince has railed against the Internet and social media, choosing to only share content with and through a limited number of sites like Dr. Funkenberry; but his sudden embrace of online platforms like Livestream and Twitter over the past year has had fans like myself falling all over ourselves with every streamed show, new single, and tweet. Each update and roll out of new content is like Christmas morning for us, so you can just IMAGINE the glee upon discovering he'd started an Instagram account, cleverly titled "PRINCESTAGRAM." 

After looking at each photo and laughing at the captions he'd written for them, I posted the following to my Twitter account and went about my morning. 


Upon checking my mentions a few hours later I had the shock of my life: PRINCE HAD RETWEETED ME.  

I could tell it was done as a "quoted" tweet, where my full tweet and name had been copied and pasted, BUT IT WAS STILL A RETWEET.  It was later deleted, but I still have proof it did indeed exist and happen in real life. He said during his appearance on Arsenio Hall a couple of weeks ago that no one handles the account other than himself and members of his new band 3rdEyeGirl, and that he enjoys interacting with fans via the site, which is evident in his occasional responses. 

I've been a Prince fan for as long as I can remember. My father was an avid fan of Prince's music so it's what I grew up listening to. Every song, every album, every performance he's had on TV I've seen and heard. One of my earliest memories is of watching the video of "When Doves Cry" on TV. My mother maintains that at age two, it's the the first song she  heard me sing along to.  Under the Cherry Moon and Graffiti Bridge  are pretty awful movies, but I've seen them more times than I'll admit to a non Prince fan.  I've been fortunate enough to see him in concert three times-mere inches from the stage all but once.  

But this? Knowing he read MY tweet? I wish I could tell you how I felt in that moment, but honestly I'm pretty sure I blacked out from excitement for a few seconds.  I pretty much had a Nick and Jess reaction.

It's been nearly a week since The Retweet From The Purple One and I'm still  giddy and screaming on the inside. I haven't stopped. I went so far as to print out the picture of it I took on my phone and pasted it in my art journal so I can show my grand and great grandkids when I'm 90.  I've also written up detailed instructions for my husband and sons to ensure it's included in my obituary and highlighted during my funeral. My oldest son will be all "No crying y'all. Prince gave Mom a retweet on Twitter when she was 31, and she always said that it was the best moment of her life aside from having us. Now if you'll pull out your lighters, we're going to play "Purple Rain" and sing our hearts out-it's what she would've wanted." 

 A retweet from The Purple One.  The only thing that could probably top this would be a personal invite to a show or to his kitchen for omlettes, but I'm sure I'd have a heart attack, so I'm ok with just a retweet. 

Feb. 8, 2011 - Prince playing Madison Square Garden, NYC. (Image: © John Barrett/Globe Photos/

How about you? Have you been lucky enough to have any interactions with your favorite celebrities or public figures on social media? Spill it!



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