Day 1

5 years ago

Well, we're 15 minutes away from being done with day 1.  Betty Mae is alive and ....wait, let me run check for the 50th time today to make sure she is in fact breathing....yep, alive and well. 

It was a very successful first day with only approx 10 minutes of crying, 4 total hours of sleeping, 25 minutes of walking, and countless "you're a funny girl"s to get that doll face to give me one of her adorable wide open mouthy smiley things. 

The day started well enough - poor Mol was running super late but got here at 9, by 9:12 Jeremy and I noted that everything was so far going great and by 9:15 we checked ourselves because she was crying and hungry(?) .  So I fed her and Jeremy fed me my hard boiled egg slices all at the same time.  good stuff.  Right around 10ish Jeremy "had things to do at the gym" so off he went and left me to my auntie bliss.  And she slept.  for like 3 hours.  A big part of me wanted to wake her, i mean c'mon, we had walks to take, books to read, she needs to start learning my name. But I let her be, just like the internet told me to.  We had some time to kill so i put her through a little mini tummy-time 8-minute workout, she did well.  

Things I liked: her little squeeze of my pinky while bottle feeding, happy faces in the mirror

Things I don't like: poop. gross. 

Things I won't do again: take pictures of her with my too-loud clicky camera while she's sleeping.

What the pets think: Myst and Elliott are fascinated.  Maggie and Peanut are not.

It was a good day my little bug, I love you.  See you next week, work on my name. 


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