The Pros and Cons of Being Over 50

I'm getting old and there's no mistaking it. I don't like it much, not the physical part of getting old anyway. I don't mind much the life experiences I've had that come with living a full life, but this aging thing bites.

Let's start with my skin. I should have a prescription for a water softener. Let's put it this way, no one has to go check the level of the salt in the softener. If it's low, or heaven forbid out of salt, I start itching. It's crazy itching, it's not menopausal, I know that menopause brings itching as one of it's treats, but I've had this dry skin problem all my life. But now that I'm 50 something, geez! Holy itchiness!

Honey? It's time to check the softener. I'm black and blue. From the fingernails that have lost their um… youthful fingernailness and have turned into weapons of destruction! Just watch out! If I make a claw motion at you, back away! The reason I am positive we are running out of salt is the number of black and blue marks on my thighs that I woke up with this morning. I keep my nails short so I don't stab myself. Has anyone else noticed a change in the thickness in their fingernails as they age? Is my diet deficient? I get my daily greens and fruits!

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And another thing, what's up with these spots on my skin? I'd call them freckles, but they are 10x bigger than any freckle I've ever seen before! And why are they on my hands and arms? I guess I should be thankful they aren't on my face (knock on wood). My skin looks so different than it used to when I had my youth. It's lost it's suppleness. I am sure there are creams for that, but I am allergic to anything I put on my skin. And then I get more black and blue marks from these dang fingernails.

Another thing I want to whine about today is my eyesight. Can I get any blinder? I don't mean to disrespect anyone who is legally blind and I am so thankful that I am not, but if I ever misplaced my glasses, I wouldn't be able to read anything. You know the highest setting on the Kindle app for letter font size? It's blurry. Not with the glasses though, so I treat them like gold. They should well be, they cost an arm and a leg. You would think they would cut us "almost seniors" a break on our crappy progressive vision, but nooooo. These last pair of glasses I got were 800.00! Honey? We should really add these to the homeowner's policy. Side note: I am doing a future blog post about a 50 something woman buying glasses online for the first time in the near future.

And then the neck. If you are my age, you know I don't need to say much more than: THANK GOODNESS SCARVES ARE BACK IN STYLE! The neck. oy

The eyebrows! What the heck is up with the sudden fast growth of eyebrow hair? Along with not being able to see close up means I don't examine my face as closely as often as I should. The other day I noticed I had a 2 inch (I am not kidding. Okay, 1 inch) hair growing! And it was THICK and mannish. and gross! Oh and while I appreciate not having to shave my legs and armpits as often, what is up with the hairs that are growing from my chin?

Ok I'm done. And I don't want to complain without being thankful for the privileges that being 56 bring. So here they are in no particular order:

Sweet little babes

I am a Meemaw!

I've been to more shows in Vegas than I can remember!

I've been to the Caribbean with my love on my parents yacht!

I've travelled the Inter-coastal Waterway!

I sailed on a ship on the Mediterranean!

I have golfed at courses all over the United States!

I met my soulmate on Yahoo Golf Chat!

My kids are both happy and productive members of society!

My hot flashes have finally abated after 7 years!

How about you? Notice anything different about yourself as you are growing up?


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