Dairy Poop and Locally Laid? The Fascinating Small Companies That Competed For a Super Bowl Ad

4 years ago

When news came to light today that GoldieBlox had won a competition to air a commercial during the Super Bowl, the BlogHer editorial team was not surprised. After all, we've had our eye on GoldieBlox for a while -- from its mission to teach girls science to some controversy when its video went viral.

Image: © Laura A. Oda/MCT/ZUMAPRESS.com

We congratulate GoldieBlox, and will be watching the ad … but when we found out that the contest's runners-up companies were called Locally Laid, Dairy Poop, and Barley Labs, we knew we had to convene a panel to discuss this urgent matter.


Executive Editor Julie Ross Godar
Deputy Editor Rita Arens
Community Manager Denise Tanton
Entertainment Editor Deb Rox
….and YOU. Leave your best critiques in the comments!


DEB: "Locally Laid? Locally Laid." I had to say that to myself several times just to make sure I was reading it right. I might be watching too much late night television, but "Locally Laid" sounds like the name of those phone room services that are advertised after midnight. "Local singles are bored and waiting to talk just with you."

JULIE: That still could be true of the local hens. You never know.

DEB: Did you catch that every chicken is named LoLa? Like The Kinks song? I think those local chickens are getting around.

DENISE: I know it's eggs, but there is something not quite right about cute little kid photos next to something called Locally Laid.

RITA: From local coverage of the competition:

Lucie Amundsen said she appreciated the attention the contest brought to their company and the benefits of eggs from their pasture-raised chickens. She also reported that the company’s spokes-chicken, Lola, is taking the runner-up finish well. "I like to think that Lola was a good sport about it,” she said.

DENISE: Lola Face-licker Showgirl (my puppy) does not believe chickens make good showgirls, or face-lickers.

JULIE: Awww, their voting site says "Have You Clicked Your Chicken Today?" That's cute and bittersweet. Bittercute.

DENISE: I am so buying this T-shirt.

RITA: Speaking of that, my husband has a shirt that says, "I've been to Duluth."


JULIE: Heart. Melts.

DEB: I was sort of excited about Barley Labs, figuring it would be a shiny, high-tech brewery that produces a killer IPA, or maybe a Beermaker's School where you go to learn all those malting and starch-to-sugar-enzyme-conversion things that indie brewers know. Either that, or a GMO front. But with the real Barley Labs, you need to settle for getting drunk on puppies. All right, I'm down with it. That trade is good for your health.

JULIE: Has Barley tweeted the Budweiser puppy yet?

DEB: Now I'm sad Barley didn't win the ad. More puppies!

RITA: I'm sorry. I have a nine-year-old girl. I can't stand behind the word "fur-ever." But the dogs are cute.


DEB: There is no need for Dairy Poop. We live in the times of lactose-free yogurt and almond milk pudding. The future is now!

JULIE: I asked my husband to guess all the companies based on the names. He thought Locally Laid was a dating site, Barley Labs was a microbrewery, and Dairy Poop was milk chocolate. Ew.

DENISE: You can cowculate your poop. I kind of love these people.

DEB: Wait, what? Dairy Poop is actually poop? They sell poop? In a bag? For money? Well you know what, good for them. Lots of start-ups are full of crap, and at least they admit it.

DENISE: They also have Poop Swag! I am also buying this T-shirt.

RITA: Dairy Poop! Now Stacy has something to get her garden started.

JULIE: Check out the contest website for the semifinalists: Three Jerks Jerky! Goody Two Sleeves! Cops and Doughnuts! Is this the future of American business? Seriously, I do love that all of these companies are sustainable and stuff. I still don't know about the T-shirts, though.

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