Dad's Last Note to Me Before He Passed On: "A Little While of Something Wonderful...."

5 years ago

February 29 dad broke the news he had cancer.  I could only travel to Mississippi three times.  (Dammit for the strep throat then shingles!  My body was not responding well  to his news.)

The first visit I surprised him.  The second visit he expected me.  The third visit...

The memory of my second visit with dad is beautiful and will forever be cherished.  In another writing platform, I wrote about our time together. I would like to share some of my writing...


“…I feel so much I want to write. My words flow onto paper.  …create an illusion of organized thinking...then my thoughts and writing gradually veers off subject… so back to square one… I know, I know. At least I do not have a blank stare on my I sit in front of my computer screen.

On the contrary, my eyes, heart and soul are full of emotion. It’s overwhelming… I have an abundance of thoughts and feelings... 

It was a long visit not lacking in warmth, honesty, understanding and caring. Things I am Ok to share….

I observed a lot.

We talked a lot.

We laughed.

We drank early morning coffee together.

Step mom and I sat on the back deck and shared stories.

While dad cooked breakfast a couple of mornings, I acted as though I was reading, but I was watching his every move. All in silence. It was the *good* kind of silence….

We sat at the dining room table on a number of occasions.  It even felt as though we enjoyed each other's company.

Things felt right.”


My visit with dad felt like *something wonderful*.  It felt like H.O.M.E.

Just before I pulled out of dad’s drive way, he walked to my driver’s side window and said,  “I wrote you a note.  It’s in your visor.  Don’t read it now.  Read it at some point on the road.”

“Ok dad.”

Dad's note is beautiful and yes, perhaps personal.  Still, I am comfortable to share it with all eyes that happen to read this blog. Many of my close friends and family will understand why I chose to share such a personal note.

I believe it is by God's grace that ten days and a few meaningful words can heal a hurting heart...on both sides.  Dad passed on four weeks after he wrote me this note.


I have included a song titled “HOME”.

Today I dedicate HOME to dad and our last time together. 

Things felt HOME

I choose to listen to this song

as though dad were speaking the words to me

about our last time together~


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