Cultivating Self-Compassion

4 years ago

It’s Week 3 of the Brené Brown e-course.


The goal: Letting go of Perfectionism

So, I’m half-way through this e-course.  I don’t know that I’m getting too much out of it.  I don’t struggle with shame or guilt.  I don’t talk down to myself.  Actually, I have pretty decent self-esteem.  I thought maybe going through this course and reading Brené’s book, The Gifts of Imperfection, I would uncover some shame or guilt that I had been suppressing.


Not yet.

So what I am getting out of this?  Why did I spend $80 if I don’t even have the emotional baggage that she’s talking about.

I’m finding a new creative outlet.

As I’ve talked about before, my job is pretty mundane.  I live in a cubicle and my work doesn’t take a lot of mental effort.  I can’t see the sun unless I leave for lunch or go into someone else’s office.   My blog has become so important to me because it was a creative outlet from a place that left me stuck in a box.

This course is a new and different type of outlet.  I find myself looking forward to coming home on Monday nights to watercolor.

Is that silly?  Maybe.  Am I ok with that?  YES!

Today’s assignment was to find two pictures where I could have used some compassion, and write compassionate words to say to myself when I’m in that situation.

I’m not exactly rolling in pictures for two reasons:

  1. My parents chose not to photograph my  childhood.
  2. It’s 2013.  I don’t print pictures.  I keep them on my computer.

For this assignment, I ripped these pictures out of magazines.  But, in all honesty, these pictures describe me pretty well.

And, yes, these are actually the things I tell myself when I’m in these situations.

photo 2


photo 1


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