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For Thanksgiving this year, I visited my sister and brother in Tampa. To make the family more complete, I decided to bring Mwaji! This was her first flight and I was scared of how she was going to handle it. She has separation anxiety and it escalates to an extreme level when we're commuting. When I walk her, she sticks close to my side. When other people walk her, she sticks close to MY side, sometimes that involves her leash extending across the sidewalk and creating a hazard to people walking towards us. When we're in a cab, she whines if I don't put the dog carrier (with her in it) on my lap. One could only imagine what she'd do on board of a flying air craft.

Left: Window seat overlooking Manhattan
Top Right: Mwaji Chang - Part Jet Setter part Carry-On
Bottom Right: Mwaji all stowed away at my feet.    

The Thanksgiving Fairy may have come and waved her wand because Mwaji did GREAT! She whined a little bit before the plane took off but that was it! She stayed silent and even managed to sleep for a little bit. Big shout out to the Jet Blue stewardess, who knew I had the bag in my lap during part of the flight (which is not allowed; dogs must be stowed underneath the seat in front of you) but didn't say anything! Whew! I was thankful for her and for Mwaji! Great start to Thanksgiving.

My sister and brother were there to meet me at the airport. Although I suspect if I didn't have Mwaji with me, my brother would've stayed home and just let Grace welcome me to Florida. She had dinner all warm and ready by the time we got home. Dinner was served fast!

Mwaji and the Spread

Dinner consisted of turkey (natch), stuffing (double natch), gravy, cranberry sauce, assortment of roasted veggies (YAY BRUSSEL SPROUTS), corn pudding, and mashed potatoes. It was more than enough for 3 people (except if you do the math, the intake of food for 3 Changs = 4 people). During dinner we even had a quick Skype session with my dad! It was like the family was all together (minus my mom who was asleep. It was 9am in Taiwan, after all).

Afterwards, we digested a little by playing a little Mario Kart (well, my brother and I played. My sister cleaned up a little bit). Then we had dessert - also all made by my sister!

Clockwise from top - Pumpkin cheese cake, assorted cookies, cream puffs with home made whipped cream, and an apple crisp with oats

I went to bed stuffed (like a turkey!) and tired. Mwaji passed out really quickly, which I don't blame her for. Flying is tiring especially when you had to carry around a 6 pound dog along the Terminal for four hours..Oh wait, that was me.

The next morning, we took Mwaji and my brother on a 4 mile walk around the neighborhood. We stopped by a nearby park where Mwaji could run free! It was great for her but also great for my brother, who always wanted a dog. This was the best deal for him and my sister. They get the dog experience without having to actually own a dog.

Mwaji and my brother playing tag

Overall, it was an amazing weekend spent with family. It was relaxing and fun to see Mwaji experience the suburban life. Now that I know that she can handle flying, I will definitely be taking her more often to Tampa! I know my sister and brother would be excited for that. I feel like everyone around me is a potential dog-napper when it comes to Mwaji. She's just so cute! It sounds biased, cause I'm her mom, but it's true!

hot pot dinner Friday night


Trying to show Mwaji that it's fun for dogs to stick their head out of a window. Not successful.


My brother and my sister's boyfriend throwing the ol' pigskin in the backyard.


Mwaji enjoying the Florida sun


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