Cross-Dressing in School? What?!!!

3 years ago

Okay, so I know that this is quite a unique question to ask, but here goes. "Where were the Parents?" Please allow me to explain this story a little further.

You see, locally, there is a story that has even made the news. A young boy made a choice to go to school dressed as a girl. His parents knew about it, obviously and they let him go to school like that! 

Now, the Principal says that they must have a talk with the parents. But, again I'll repeat the question anyway. "Where were the parents?" Has there ever been a time, when you see a child and they are doing something that is just outrageous? I mean, Crazy! And the first thought that came across your mind was, Where are those kids' parents? Maybe the kids are running a muck in the store or may be they are picking at another kid. Regardless of the case, I am sure that since many of you are parents, you've often thought about somebody at one point or another. 

But, what do you think that you would say? If you saw a little boy in grade school, going to school dressed as a girl? 

There are literally no words for that. And not to mention the fact, that there are Bullies with a capital, 'B', running around everywhere. I mean, as if kids don't have enough to worry about as it is. There are so many kids afraid to go to school, because they fear for their own safety. Then, there are those that are dealing wiht Hell at home and then go to school, just catch more there!

I mean, Where is the end of the cycle? Why are so many people so melancholy when it comes to their children? And you'd better not say something to the parents. Because then, you just might know what it's like to be a chicken. Because some of these people will chop or bite your heads off!

But, it just goes to show how much times have change. There used to be a time, in my Grnadmother's and even my Mother's younger days, when one child was everybody's child. There was no such thing as a child, being disrespectful to an older person and not paying for that. There used to be a time, where if someone saw a child of someone that they knew, doing something or saying something wrong, they were checked immediately!

You were told something, 'You know yo' Mama and Daddy ain't raised you like that!' And then, they'd go and tell the parents and you got a whipping because of it. Sometimes, you'd get dual whippings. You'd get whipped for being disrespectful, then you'd get whipped for making that person come and tell the parents and then you'd get a whipping for what you did wrong in the first place! But now, a person that knows or sees someone else's child doing something wrong, you just might get told off or cussed out for that. 

Well, imagine if someone that knows this child's parents, confronted them, (as if they didn't know) and told them about their son. Chances are, the parents might say, this is just a phase that he is going through. Or, that he is just 'expressing' himself. Trying to be funny. Well, unfortunately, if that is the case, then this young boy just might become the joke. And it's painful to say, but unfortunely, it just might be true. Kids are going to make fun and the situation will be even worse. I hope that this young boy will get or that they can fix this situation soon. 

Because this child is just a little kid. And he needs to learn and grow. And I think that they need to talk with him, get him some help, if necessary, and then help him move on. It can be done. It just may take a little work. Let us pray for this young man, this family, this school and this principal. Because, every child is special. And the adults, need to treat them as such. So, to that end, I hope that the adults will behave and that no drama will ensue and that this will get better and stay that way!

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