Creating a Social Buzz for the Movies

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As an online marketer, there might be no better feeling than putting your content out there and watching it create a buzz. So how do marketers do it? For focus sake, and with the academy awards just around the corner, let’s discuss movie marketing and what one does to market movies successfully online.

Find your common ground

Online, you can count on people linking with others who are similar to them; they tend to form social clusters. This fact about human beings can be used to your advantage. If you reach a few in the category your movie appeals to, then the idea is that it will eventually spread to the rest of their “cluster.”

Creating a social buzz for the movies


Do you have online tools available in your category?

For movies, the answer is yes! There are many apps where members can rate and share movies (Flixster, Common Sense Media, Fandango, Netflix, etc). If you believe your product/movie is good, then you should be sure you are being seen on all of these platforms.

Image platforms

For a movie, you should easily be able to find interesting stills from your movie and promote them on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. If they are interesting they should promote engagement and help get a buzz going about your movie.

Social Platforms

Use Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to reward and engage your fans. If you offer contests, prizes, sneak peeks or visually interesting content, you should have some interaction that will gain you a few brand ambassadors and their “likes”, comments and posts will trickle off onto their friend’s newsfeed and help you promote to a wider audience.

Why we market online

The best part about marketing online is that you can reach out to a few and reach a thousand. With the right amount of creativity, a minimal effort can create a lot of buzz! It’s hard to say that for offline marketing.

Figure out who your audience is and reach out to them on the various platforms we have discussed. Take advantage of every tool at your disposal and be patient! No one builds a relevant audience overnight, keep engaging and encouraging interaction and you can watch the real fans slowly helping you build that much desired buzz! If you need a great example, go to our Facebook or Twitter page and have a look!

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