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6 years ago
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My mom--probably like many of your mothers--is the queen of coupon clipping. She sits with her paper every morning and carefully goes page by page reading the articles and looking for the best deals amongst the advertisements. She carefully clips her coupons out of the paper while ensuring that she has not cut through something she has not read yet. Even when there are ads for furniture and she has no plan to purchase furniture in the near future she still looks at every price and makes a mental note of it. She takes the time to know her prices and clips every coupon she can.

There is something to be said for  being frugal. An increasing number of people in today's economy are taking the time to clip coupons and search for the best prices. There has been a huge rise in coupon use since the economy took a downturn in 2008.

I don't know about you but unlike my mom who takes the time to manually clip her coupons, I just don't have the time to sit and scour the paper for the best deals. I have become a little warped by the generation of immediate gratification. Not that I have succumbed to the need to have exactly what I want right now, but I want information more immediately than a newspaper has to offer.

I have found that coupon clipping PC-style is the way to go. I discovered that I can quickly search for the best prices and then find coupons on top of that which creates a great amount of savings for me.

So how do you find the best deals online?

The first thing I would do is search for your local grocery store's website. Personally I shop at Raley's and I have found that by signing up on their website I have weekly deals emailed to me including coupons. Many of the items sent via email are the same deals you will find in the store. However, there is usually one or two items that are only advertised to those who receive their weekly email. Many times I have been so thankful that I checked my email prior to going to the store just because of the fabulous offers they have had.

Groupon is a site many of you have heard about but have you signed up yet? Groupon is not your regular coupon site. Although you will get one coupon emailed to you daily it will not be a coupon for $1.00 off of your milk. These coupons are activity related. But in this economy we could all use deals on entertainment. Just because money is tight does not mean that I have any less desire to go to dinner or to get a pedicure. Do not be the last one to the Groupon party--sign up and start enjoying their daily deals.

According to CouponMom, it is "the best way to save." This site offers restaraunt coupons, grocery coupons, printable coupons and so much more. There are forums for those of us still learning how to shop efficiently as well as instructions on learning how to coupon shop. However, the best part of this site is the "grocery deals by state." CouponMom has broken down the best deals per state and makes your shopping experience much better.

If you can't find what you are looking for with CouponMom then try SmartSource. SmartSource offers printable coupons for your local grocery stores. Although it doesn't seem to get as much hype as CouponMom or Groupon, it is still a great place for weekly shopping coupons.

Just the name makes me smile. This site is perfect for electronics and many other household items. Before you make a run to Best Buy, stop by CheapStingyBargains first.

DealCatcher is exactly what is sounds like--a deal catching website. This site searches the web for the very best prices and bargains and then lists the items and their sales price for you. They have the Sunday ads listed right there for you as well as many other printable coupons. You will find deals to many of your favorite stores like Old Navy, Home Depot, Macy's and many more.

Coupon clipping does take time but it does not have to be as tedious as sitting with the daily paper and a pair of scissors. Instead, you just have to find the online websites that work best for you. I have listed some of my favorites and while I think they are all great, you may have others you will find and enjoy more.

Everyone is looking for a great deal, so feel free to share you great finds here as well and good luck with your coupon e-clipping.


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