The Cornbury Music Festival - Part 4

7 years ago
I'll tell you one reason why blogging is cool; over time you start following other people's blogs, then you kind of get to know them through emails and Skype, and then........... if you are lucky like me, you finally get to meet them!

Oh yeh, at the Cornbury Festival last weekend, I finally got to meet Sophie and Brennig Jones from the blog Brennig Jones (and friends). Actually, it's not their blog that they are most famous for. They produce a very popular weekly podcast called 'This Reality Podcast' which puts 'em up there (I'll give you details about the podcast later because I am like that.... a Mother Theresa type figure but without the teatowel).

Pic.No.1. Sophie and Bren's 'This Reality Podcast' website - how cool?

So there I was at the festival, and I texted Soph and Bren: "Are you here yet? where are you?"

The reply came back; "Yes, we are here. We are to the right of the Sound Tower, 20 metres back, next to some bins."

I pushed my way through the throngs, and eventually made it to the right hand side of the Sound Tower, only to realise that the 20 metre area they had described, probably contained about 2000 people. I also realised that I looked like a bit mentally ill, pushing through the crowd, and then stopping to stare at all their faces.

Just as I was about to give up hope of finding them in the crowd, I saw someone dressed in a white 'This Reality Podcast' t-shirt, shouting "Yoo hoo! Annie, over here!"

It was Sophie and Bren..... 'Houston. The Eagle has landed'.

After greetings all round, I realised that Soph was holding a recently procured plate of pie and chips. Isn't that a bummer... having to eat a full meal (standing up) in front of someone you have just met?

We had a bit of a laugh and chatted, and then I realied that Soph hadn't touched her pie.

"Why aren't you eating your pie?" I asked her.

"Because I can't eat it standing up," she replied, "I can't cut it up with one hand."

Awwwww...... how nice is that? She had neglected eating her pie in order to chat to me. Keen to impress, I immediately sat down on the grass so that Sophie could sit next to me and eat.

Soph also plonked herself down, and then said, "erm, sorry to say this, but I think that you've just sat in a plate of chilli and rice."

Sacre bleu. I stood up and turned around, only to find a plateful of chilli stuck to my butt cheek. I brushed it off, to the sound of Steve laughing loudly; "you've still got a jalapeno stuck to your ass!"

Sometimes in life, it is hard to retain your dignity.

After finishing her pie, Sophie turned to me and said, "oh, that reminds me, I have got something for you," and after fishing about in her rucksack, she handed me a 'This Reality Podcast' t-shirt. COOL!

Pic.No.2. Me in my new t-shirt with the offending plate of chilli and rice to the left of the picture

Well Soph and Bren, it was fabulous fun finally meeting up with you. I hope we can do it again soon.

P.S. Thanks for sending me your pictures and videos of the Cornbury Festival so that I could do my blog (*note to reader* I lost my camera see).

P.P.S. Readers..... check out 'This Reality Podcast', it's great. Go to iTunes and type 'this reality pod' in the search box. Or you can download it here 'This Reality Podcast'.

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