Cookie Hierarchy - Deep Thoughts for a Saturday

4 years ago

I am currently under the weather with a nasty viral upper respiratory infection. Bad thing is being a virus I can’t really do anything to speed up the healing process medically speaking, just treat the symptoms, lots of fluids and rest. Good thing is my lungs are clear and all the mucus and phlegm is draining.

I have spent the last 2 days laying around the house dozing off and on ignoring the fact that my house is slowly turning into a biohazard. Between watching TV and reading I am already bored. Every time I try to do something I start coughing and run out of energy, ending back in bed or the sofa. I don’t even feel like catching up on my blogging for heaven’s sake!

Now that my whining is done….

I picked up a book the other day just to have something to read while eating chicken noodle soup at Pho Saigon. I stopped there for lunch after my doctor appointment. I was desperate for something to read and hadn’t brought my Nook along. That is how crappy I’ve been feeling! I bought Patient Zero by Jonathan Mayberry. It is not my usual sort of read but like I said, I was desperate and slim pickin’s at HEB.

Zombies and bio-terrorism – what’s not to like? My favorite lines so far are from the main character, Joe Ledger, during an “interview” with the head honcho of a top secret government agency.

I wasn’t sure I could trust a man who would bypass an Oreo in favor of vanilla wafers. It’s a fundamental character flaw, possibly a sign of true evil.

How deep is that?! I mean it is truly something worth pondering isn’t it? What kind of person voluntarily picks vanilla wafer cookies over any other type of cookie being offered? Not to hate on Nilla Wafers, they have their place in the cookie hierarchy, but IMHO certainly not above Oreos. Oreos are not even my favorite type of cookie but definitely rank above vanilla wafers.

pto today clip art girl eating chocolate chip cookie

I am only on page 52 out of 485 pages. It is slow going since I feel like I’ve been run over by a convoy of 18 wheelers and can’t breathe on a regular basis. I may end up switching to something more breezy like a romantic comedy book, I don’t know. I generally flip-flop between books and routinely have 2-3 I am reading at any given time.

So what do YOU think? Would you trust someone who chose vanilla wafers over Oreos? Where do you think these cookies stand on the Cookie Hierarchy? Is there a Cookie Hierarchy?

My favorite all time cookie is GS Thin Mints, followed by Sugar Cookies.


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