Confessions of a Renegade Vegetarian

5 years ago

I can’t very well deny it…  I am a renegade vegetarian.  I identify myself as a vegetarian but I would be less than truthful if I were to say that a meat product has never passed my lips.

Last Thanksgiving, my son-in-law, Jon, deep fried a whole turkey and I ate a slice; a small slice but still a slice.  Once in a while I sneak a piece of bacon.  In the last five years, I have eaten my son-in-law’s Beef Stew twice.  A couple times a year I make meat balls and I have been known to not only eat one but to freeze a couple for later.  I make a killer meat loaf that my son-in-law, Jay, likes and I snitch a piece.  Pork tenderloin is another favorite and once in a blue moon, I might have a slice.  So very sad, I know!

I had a boyfriend once and he would drag me from one steak house to another and he would eat his prime rib and I would sit there with my little baked potato.  If I were to make any comment he would simply say, dripped in sarcasm, “Oh, yeah. You’re a vegetarian.”  I found it very frustrating to say the least.  I should have known because on our very first date he said, “I’ll take you anywhere you want to go, you pick the place.”  I let him know that my favorites were Italian and Mexican. He said, "Well, I am a meat and potatoes man and I know this neat restaurant where they serve the best prime rib.”  It only got worse from there…  One minute he’d be bragging about what a ‘cheap’ date I was and the next he’d be whisking me off to Arby’s for his culinary delight while I sat there and ate one of their cheese sticks.  We finally parted ways when we discovered that we had far more differences than similarities.  My kids give me a bad time about it to this day…  When the family plans an adventure they say “How about Arby’s?”

One of my friends suggested a very simple solution…  Just don’t identify myself as a vegetarian.  That does seem simple enough but for the most part, I do maintain a vegetarian diet.  It is clear to me that this is  all about me and my conditioned behavior that somehow overtakes my good senses and has to come up with this one word description about my eating habits. 

Yes…  I have many challenges and this is just one of them.  So… How about Arby’s?  <insert madcap laugh here>


Susan Banner Todd

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