Competitiveness in the Blogging World

4 years ago

Competitiveness in the blogging world. Does it drive you nuts or push you harder to succeed? You can’t deny that this competitive nature is in the back of almost every blogger’s mind.

Although healthy competition is expected and perfectly fine, comparing yourself to other bloggers and getting too caught up in the numbers will result in a short blog lifespan. Believe me. It’s something I have to consider every time I publish a post and wait for those views to pour (or trickle) in. Obsessing leads to feeling burnt out and it just isn’t worth it.

After a few hiccups this week, I caught myself getting upset with blogging. I had been obsessing over blog feeds not working properly, views and subscriber gains being lower than usual, and finally, after venting to my husband, I reminded myself to calm down because it’s just a blog. Unfortunately, when you decide that it’s time to monetize your blog and come to expect a certain amount of extra income each month, numbers become more important in the grand scheme of things. You can’t help but follow along closely.

However, when I start comparing my views to past weeks, my number of post comments to other bloggers, and my content to bigger, more well-known websites — well, I get discouraged. Suddenly blogging turns into more work than fun, and I end up taking two steps back in the wrong direction because I’m burnt out and don’t feel like trying for a few days. Being über competitive hurts me in the long-run. Another reason why slow and steady wins the race? It seems that way.

So ladies (and gentleman), what can we do about this?

Obviously we should hug it out. And then let’s stop comparing ourselves to each other, have fun, and write posts because we want to — not because we crave views. Create content that means something? What a crazy idea!

And last but not least… Let’s cheer each other on. Because all of this is easier said than done.

What do you think about competitiveness in the blogging world?

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