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I’m looking for a few good men… and women.  It’s not every day I write a sentence that blatantly flirts with movie titles; that was fun, maybe I’ll do it more often!  We’re up to our eyebrows in inspiration for 2011 here at Ha Nui Loa.  For those new to these posts I’ll quickly point out that Ha is the Hawaiian word for breath, specifically the breath of life.  You may even have heard the phrase Aloha nui loa if you’ve been to the islands.  Ha is the first part of Hawaii; its life, it is the last part of aloha, you could say the life of love and hospitality.  When we say Ha Nui Loa we want to convey the thought “take a long, deep breath”.  Be at ease, rest. 
The truth is we want to inspire you: there is a better way to live your day to day life, show you how to do it: not as difficult as you think, and give you the tools and confidence to continue on a new path: there are new destinations ahead!

Ok, now that our intro is complete…cue music…on to new territory! 

As we are all well aware we are decidedly into a new calendar, a new decade for that matter.  Thoughts of obligatory resolutions and determinations abound this time of year.  We are no exception, even those of us living on island time.  We went about our *consideration of things to come* process a bit differently this time around though, and while we are excited about some upcoming ventures, we really want to get some great info into your hands...

Before we dive into our coming attractions (I’m beginning to sense a cinematic theme here) I want to let everyone in on a little secret; we have been surreptitiously taking a pretty amazing e-course from Karol Gadja of Ridiculously Extraordinary fame. Let me restate that, we are now retaking his Freedom Fighters course, as his fast and furious info was more than we could deal with while we were in the middle of *The Great Relocation*. I want to point out here that Karol seems to be the rare individual that is willing to legitimately challenge you (read: occasionally hit you upside the head, verbally of course) while still sincerely wanting you to succeed.  Karol, via Freedom Fighters take you a day or so at a time through some mental and practical exercises.  Be prepared to think until at least a little steam comes forth, to write out your thoughts and desires until something resembling direction seems to thicken, and then implement a step at time items that were not previously on your radar.
At all.  
Stew a bit on it and voila!  He’s put together a pretty great recipe for success we think, so we wanted to pass his info along to our readers.  I will warn you, he occasionally employs some pretty tough language, if that offends you consider toughening up your ears and take it like you would from a drill sergeant. He’s not here to pamper you, to give you a false sense of security.  His obvious intention is to shake you out of a mediocre existence and stretch you to see and do the *impossible*.  Karol has inspired plenty of people before we found his website, and will continue to do so for perpetuity we’re fairly certain.  A big Aloha and Mahalo to him for investing in ours and myriad others lives. This, by the way, is an unsolicited and unpaid third party endorsement.  We are not an affiliate of Karol’s though we reserve the right to ask him to let us promote whatever amazing new product he comes up with.  Just saying.  This concludes our in-flight infomercial, thanks for …Just kidding.

Now on to the previews (jeesh are we overstretching the movie shtick today or what?) We are working on a project that will be revealed in due time.  It is tempting in our zeal and excitement to unveil details and dates that as yet are probably a bit premature. We may be like a couple of kids bursting at the seams to reveal a secret, but we are determined to be patient, hold our collective tongues and let the details simmer a bit longer if you will.  We can share that we are working toward a multilayer, potentially multimedia opportunity, that when launched is nearly guaranteed to change our lives and the lives of those who get involved.  Intrigued yet?  Here is a preview of what will be revealed soon enough:

    “We are not looking for friends, fans or even followers, we are looking for fellows. Fellows link arms and walk together faces forward into the unknown.  They get in the boat with you even at the risk of sinking it.  Maybe that’s why they call it fellowship, a bunch of fellows in a ship...  Fellows are of like mind and spirit.  They may be of an altogether different tribe but they recognize in others a thread of kinship, some long dormant, deeply rooted similar call or nature.  Upon recognition they are swift and fierce with their fellowship; their bonds deeper than birthright.  Even brief encounters can bring about a level of loyalty and a “stick it out together” mentality that too often blood relatives lack.  Theirs is a bond of choice, irrespective of distance, selfless in motivation, complete in commitment.  We’re looking for these men and women, these fellows of faithful constancy…”

That’s all folks, a little glimpse of upcoming greatness.  Stay tuned for the big reveal, we’ll keep you posted as to when and where.  Till then, dig a little deeper into Ha Nui Loa.  Visit Karol’s site and get ready to kick life up a notch, and follow the links in our Aloha 2011! post to some other fantastic people. 

Now...To wrap up our unintended theatrical release angle: We believe in the Macy’s/Gimbel’s school of thought from Miracle on 34th St.  You know the scene; due to Kris Kringle’s influence Mr. Macy himself recognizes the good will in sending potential clients to his rival, both stores and the customers benefit.  Well, we don’t view any of the gifted bloggers and authors as our rivals; we have genuinely been impacted by their content and want to share the wealth, much like many, if not all of them, have uncopyrighted their material.  No, we don’t see them as rivals at all…more like fellows…Happy Exploring!
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