Comfort Yourself and Others with May's NaBloPoMo

25 days ago

So what is the NaBloPoMo theme of the month?


A warm sweater, the softest blanket, a good book, hot chocolate, your puppy's head resting on your leg, a baby sleeping in your arms: comfort is about reaching that space in your soul where you feel weighted and content. Where you know where you belong and you can recharge there before facing the uncertainties of the world.

This month, we're going to explore what brings you comfort and how you move through those uncomfortable spaces to get back inside your comfort zone. We're going to challenge you to think of ways of offering comfort to others, and we're going to help you reflect on what works to bring you comfort. Most of all, in this crazy, uncertain world, we're going to take a moment to pause and wrap ourselves figuratively in the most comfortable bed linens and deep breathe for a moment.

The theme and writing prompts, as always, are there as a guide if you want some structure to your month, though you can always sign up for NaBloPoMo and chart your own path.

If you've never joined NaBloPoMo, this is the time to do so. It starts May 1 and runs until May 31. Just make the commitment to (1) blog daily for the month (nothing more to it than that!) and (2) to support your fellow NaBloPoMo'ers by reading a handful of the other blogs on the blogroll. Cheer them along and they'll cheer you on too. You can sign up for May's NaBloPoMo until May 5th. You can grab the official badge here and upload a link to the badges you make.

It's as simple as that: post daily on your own blog. That's it. You can get fancy and cross-post your blog posts onto the NaBloPoMo site. If you need daily inspiration, bookmark the NaBloPoMo prompts page for May, which already has all the prompts for the month posted so you can plan ahead.

NaBloPoMo is what you make of it. At its core, all you need to do is post daily on your blog. The point of NaBloPoMo is not to be restricted by the theme, but instead to either take it or leave it. If you'll do better blogging every day based on what's happening in your world, throw aside the daily prompts.

So start thinking about what brings you comfort and sign up for May's NaBloPoMo.

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.

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