Cold Weather Traumas

6 years ago

I tell you what. It is bloody cold in Oxfordshire at the moment.

It was -4 Celsius this morning and for some unknown reason, Izzy decided that she wanted to lick the frost from the car. How daft is that? And I speak with authority because I once did the same thing and my tongue stuck to the ice on the passenger side.

I had to pant hot breath on it for five minutes before I was finally free. And of course, in the interim, the majority of my close neighbours walked by, regarding me with shock .......... yeh, like they have never done the same thing?

Anyway, I digress ..... back to today. I managed to rugby-tackle Izzy at the precise moment that her tongue was about to touch the ice on the car. As she lay under my prostrate figure on the driveway, 'Old lady Ivy' from across the road walked past.

"Morning!" she yelled breezily without displaying any curiosity as to why I was lying on top of my child in the driveway.

Living in the countryside is weird.

Pic.No.1 I took this picture on the way to Izzy's school. It is a icy, sub-zero chillscape

So dahlink, have you ever accidentally stuck your tongue to something with ice? Or sustained an 'ice' injury? Or got any comedy cold-weather stories?!

Pray do tell!

P.S. What the blazes is that fiery flash in the right hand side of the photograph? I didn't notice it until just now.

Annie (Lady M) x

Anne Dickens | The day after yesterday

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