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Help businesses to save money:

Companies can save a lot of money from their investment into cloud technologies and they can help companies to carry out the acquisition of servers, software and people who want to support customer service i.e. Technology solutions and personalized or customized deployment of a solution that should work "in house" within the organization can now be performed by outside vendors that are specialized in niche technologies, making them to provide cheaper solutions to their clients. They need to have the resources, servers, software and equipment and the need to provide a unique service to an organization. The companies end up saving more money because they do not have to do all the work needed to improve the service, they will just sign up with the suppliers  and outsource the service to a third party who will manages the technology that is being delivered to their consumer.



Help save the environment:

Organizations that implement cloud computing technologies may have an outstanding impact on their ability to reduce their electricity bills dramatically. If you have ever seen your company's data center, you can see hundreds or more servers based on the size of your business office. Each server generates heat and if they generate a lot of heat, then the servers breaks. When the server stops working, critical applications also stops working and then customers starts complaining. Data centers have built in cooling system to help cool the room. All these cost a lot of money to the company for the servers to run in peak performance. Now, if each organization has a data center and also a cooling system, this means that a lot of electricity is being utilized to keep these data centers running around the globe. Cloud computing helps to save the environment because it is a shared infrastructural resources and a supplier to the organization. Suppliers of Cloud Computing specialize in infrastructure built data centers across the country to offer their data centers to other companies. Businesses do not need to have their own data centers, they can just have their hosted applications and cloud computing brings to help save energy by sharing resources.



Help small businesses to be more efficient:

The real economy is making it difficult for small businesses to compete with midsize organizations with a large number of new customers already in the company. These new customers have the company fund to invest in technology to improve their performance. When you are a small business, there are chances that you are getting a small piece of revenue from your company. One might think that small businesses can not afford the technology to compete with large companies to improve their competitiveness. When you buy software, you must purchase the equipment and resources needed to support the service. This can add up to a lot of spending on an enterprise service for an organization that makes it impossible for a company to even think of a technology product. Cloud computing is a technology that changes the game because small businesses are now able to compete with large companies. Cloud computing allows companies to buy a service for equipment to be powered by the supplier. The company may pay more licenses as their business grows, and they will be able to get the software needed for their business to thrive.


Access to Information anywhere and anytime:

The Internet and cloud computing technology is a winning combination. These two technologies have allowed vendors to develop a product called "cloud drives"; which is an online storage medium that allows people to save their books, videos, photos, and music over the Internet. The benefit of a cloud computing approach is that it makes way for people to access their information from any computer around the world at anytime of the day. This kind of simple technology that allows people becomes more productive by improving their access to information. There are several vendors that have entered the cloud computing market and offer cloud drives such as Google, Amazon, Dropbox to name but a few. These cloud drives built in security, a file recording system that people are familiar with navigating, can upload files from your computer to your cloud drive, can download your files from the cloud drive to your computer, and share your files with other people and you give access to your account. The message is going to play a key role in the workforce has the ability to telecommute remotely for members to save on construction costs. This is going to be the next big trend for companies as they try to cut costs by finding other ways to cut their budget to fight the lost revenues because of the economy. We just gave an example of how technology can help companies to make their workforce more mobile, productive, and collaborative using the cloud.


Cloud Computing Solutions are very easy to use:

The reason why cloud computing is catching on is because of its simplicity and vendors were working on solutions to use this technology in the first place. If you've ever had the opportunity to get your email such as Outlook or Gmail then you know how easy it is to access a cloud service. Clients like   simple, excellent customer service, and more sophistication and service that they receive from the company. As long as vendors make it a simple and fun to use cloud technologies then it will become more integrated with other products. Ease of use means the product leaves which equates why cloud computing is important.


Increased demand Resources:

As the demand for cloud resources continue to grow then there will be the need to develop a workforce that will continue to innovate, develop, and maintain services to meet customer’s demand. There will be a significant impact on the information technology market that is looking for ways to develop new opportunities in a weak economy. The need to grow these resources will have a trickle effect on businesses and schools that will develop curriculum to meet the training requirements and the need to fill the void for these requirements. The company will also learn certification standards and develop governance systems to manage how people get certified and their products. The economic importance of this technology increases not only the need for resources but the education and the financial gain that are related to the services that were delivered. Transformation and ideas are very essential to our economy and the cloud is proving to be the next big idea

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