Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge: A Bike ride a week keeps the CO2 away, sorta

by G
9 years ago

The Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge is back! The main idea of the challenge is to make all trips under 2 miles by bike, but this year's message is simpler and easier: Bike Once a Week to Fight Climate Change.

Still don't have a bike yet? The 2 Mile Challenge site features a Bike Builder, which lets you, you know, build your own bike -- then sends you a gear list and info on where to get the stuff.

I built myself a cruiser with a cute basket and blinky lights (above) and was v. tempted to buy it -- except oh wait -- I own one --

If you're lucky, the 2 Mile Challenge biodiesel tour bus'll come to your town, "loaded with trip-mapping and Bike Builder kiosks, an inspirational cycling video and the market’s best commuter bikes, along with CLIF BAR samples." Unfortunately, the bus won't be coming to my town, but will apparently be hitting "hotspots in the Midwest." There are hotspots in the Midwest? This is news to me --

No, those Clif bar wrappers still aren't recyclable in the traditional sense -- but Clif has teamed up with eco worm-poop company Terracycle to turn those wrappers into "unique accessories and other upcycled products." Sign up to collect the wrappers -- and a nonprofit org of your choice can get 2 cents per wrapper you send in!

Afraid a biking habit will mess up your 'do? Summer has a nice guide to looking hot while biking on BTC blog -- from the side-parted low hairstyle to bamboo denim trousers -- complete with diagram (right). Read and learn.

Top image courtesy of 2 Mile Challenge; bottom photo illustration by Summer Bowen

BlogHer Contributing Editor Siel wants a lil bell for her pink townie bike and blogs at

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